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  • Two diseases - prostatitis and hemorrhoids - often accompany each other. All because of the proximity to each other: the rectum and the prostate are in the neighborhood. The relationship between diseases and their treatment methods.
    1 January 2022
  • What is infectious prostatitis? The reasons for the development, subtypes of infectious prostatitis, symptoms, the main signs of the disease and therapeutic measures.
    12 December 2021
  • What is chronic passive prostatitis in men? Causes and risk factors, symptoms and diagnosis of the disease. Methods of treatment: drugs and physiotherapy. Possible complications with advanced pathology.
    11 December 2021
  • What are the most effective methods of treating prostatitis in modern conditions? Detailed TOP-5 rating for prostate treatment in men.
    11 November 2021
  • The causes of prostatitis in men. Types and forms, manifestation of the disease. Methods and rules for the treatment of various forms of prostatitis.
    19 September 2020
  • What is the prostatitis. The signs and symptoms of the disease and its causes. How to cure prostatitis? The prevention of the disease.
    21 June 2020
  • Excite pills for men. The characteristics of the impact. In some cases, it is not recommended supplement. The list of stimulants for men.
    27 March 2019
  • If you have problems in bed often doctors prescribe vitamins for men to improve potency. After all, the potency vitamins for men help in increasing the erectile function and libido, restore the taste of life and emotional balance.
    15 February 2019
  • The modern treatment of prostatitis – one of the most urgent problems in urology, depending on the reasons that support the inflammation of the prostate will depend on the scheme of therapy.
    26 October 2018