Prostatitis — symptoms, causes, and treatment of prostatitis

what is the prostate gland

Prostatitis (lat. Prostatitis) , inflammation (Swelling) in the prostate gland depo.

Imeto at the bolesta potekov on sboru "prostata" (the prostate gland) + "itis" (inflammation).

The prostate gland (the prostate gland solimena) , e mashko's body satoa, bolesta prostatitis CE odnesuva of Mazhit bolesti. Prostituta is a small, like-muscular-body naoa in the carlista under moniot MEUR, and it is with a start in the GI oppaa prviot cases moniot channel (uretrita). When the prostitute and the ASPIRATION Bespalova, That Ki-stisnuv uretrite with sozdava to the msc of the problems macree in the e-mail, the main symptom of the prisustvo of the Codru prostatitis. Fotografiata an Eden to, for example:

Ulogata of the prostate gland (the prostate gland) razva of the specialna Tana BACK to Mesha, with the seminaria tecnost, the podrzava the activity of spermatozoidy and nivniot back in contact nepovoljni terms and conditions.

Spared statisticsit of the details in the moment (2015 godina), prostatitis pain recisi half of the screen Codru in Semata, NACESTI the ages of 20 and 50 years of age.

Simptomele for prostatitis

Prostatitis AJ the great classics of the e posleden the Golem bro of simptomele. Hem all of the rassledovat glavnica a celebrity, as much as those able to that ASPIRATION javuvaat in acute and chronic prostatitis.

the main symptoms of prostatitis

Glavnica simptomi of prostatitis:

  • MacRae rastrosta;
  • Bolek dalyot, in the abdomen, the scrotum, perineum;
  • seksualna disfunctie (sexualna disfunktsii)
  • the trouble with Agulla;
  • there, in the brood, and kvaliteet a agularia (sperm).

Simptomi in acute prostatitis (Prvite of znati for-prostatitis):

  • zgolemuvanje the temperaturte of the teleto to 39-40°C;
  • glavobolja;
  • fever, chills;
  • bolkata in Musculine, and the hrbot;
  • Bolek in slobovia;
  • nepriatnost (Swelling and premodern toplina) in the crotch region;
  • bolney doper perineum;
  • MacRae honored by the tribute tax;
  • bolney MacRae, Goree when singing the theme to marree;
  • turbidity in the urine;
  • the EOC, in the urinating;
  • escidoc from uretrita.

Simptomi of chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis se razlikuju od akutne good and persistent at tecot bolesta honor, without the acne Klinicki simptomi.

Chronic prostatitis simptomy:

  • fever;
  • Bolek pomeo scrotum, and the anusat;
  • Bolek in dalyot cases hrbot;
  • cystitis, especially dobivaet cystitis.

The complications of prostatitis

If you simptomele for prostatitis no se obrne Sooden's attention, and You don't have all of the konsultiert with Lekar Mauger To predizvici Ledneva of the complications:

  • razva of the Tongs infertility, etc.;
  • vesiculitis (inflammation of the seminaria vesicule);
  • epididymitis (inflammation of the testsite and the ideas appendages);
  • transitsite the bolesta of the akutne the form of chronicity;
  • on Stasova and lusni of the ureteral;
  • opstrukcija the moniot MEUR, with acute urinary zadrove, Koa bar hirarki tretman;
  • teshka of the units in the perineum;
  • honor of cystitis;
  • apsas (suppuration in the prostate, a ka-bar chirurgia;
  • pyelonephritis, and the other renaldi ostettava;
  • sepsis.

A cause of prostatitis

the causes of prostatitis

Now, the age To poslednemu of hlavnice in the causer of prostatitis.

  • infection (seksualno the prenosivi infection) chlamydia, herpes, Trichomonas, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, cytomegalovirus, gonococcus, Candida FUNGUS (isto Taka, predizvicite thrush), E. coli (Echeria, if), enterococci, and others, to mogat To the Vliet to the uretrita, and CE Adrie in the prostate gland tkivo;
  • sedentary and sedentary beginning of the esophagus;
  • light circulatia and lignite circulatia kruta, in the organite Small carlista;
  • continue seksualna abstinencia, and coitus interruptus or the vestacke isdrive a sexual one;
  • stress: psihicko and fizicko operating system;
  • honor of hypothermia;
  • the disadvantage of immunologic systems.
  • a lack of vitamini (avitaminose) and, traga ingredient;
  • gormonalnoe the prunetea;
  • to the detriment of the allergiske status.

Vidovi for prostatitis

In the saglasnost the kriteeriumite Amerikanskiot the National Institute for Zdrave (the NIH's GARDEN), the od 1995 godina, postout of cetiri categories of prostatitis:

  • Categoria I — Acute prostatitis;
  • Categoria II — Hronicni bacterici prostatitis;
  • Categoria III — Chronic prostatitis / chronic karlchen Bolek syndrome (CP / CPPS):
  • Categoria IIIa Chronic prostatitis / chronic karlchen Bolek syndrome by znati to a bit;
  • Categoria IIIb Chronic prostatitis / chronic karlchen Bolek syndrome without inflammation;
  • Categoria IV — Asymptomatic (asymptomatic) to the chronic prostatitis.

Povremeno, all NAAT, isto Taka, se spomenuti not Pohorje, in this klasifikacia a chronic granulomatous prostatitis.

In turn, the Poviat of profesionalci all aplikovat:

In tikot on the bolesta:

  • acute prostatitis;
  • of chronic prostatitis;

In the zavisnost od of the reason for the bolesta:

  • bacterici prostatitis;
  • the non-bacterici prostatitis

In the poveet of the cases (especially the great classics, under 40) zabeleska bacterici prostatitis.

VRZ the base of the Peninsula, postout:

  • acute bacterici prostatitis;
  • hronicni bacterici prostatitis;
  • chronic abacterial prostatitis.

The diagnosis of prostatitis

Diagnosta for prostatitis based e-mail from the country is on the positive list of drugs for personal pregled. The ispit:

  • an digitalen rectal pregled the prostatute;
  • apsemo a simple lacee;
  • testuite kruta and urinate testovi;
  • testovi CE napraveno for sexualno the prenosivi infection;
  • Ultrasonografia (echo pregledu), or TRUS (transrectal Ultrazvuk);
  • uroflowmetry, ledee to denanot on the RHS of the MacRae
  • finished, works of art, and the prostatica secret, by definitief in the chuvstvitelnost on the flora of the razlichni of antibiotics;
  • a biopsy of the prostate gland (if applicable).

In the diagnosed it is important for you To se asigura CHILDREN simptomele do you predizvici of urethritis (inflammation of the uretrita, or any other sabolova, in the Mauger, To bring the trane infectia at moniot MEUR, or boresite.

Tretman of prostatitis

in the treatment of prostatitis

Tretman of prostatitis Mauger Yes se startowa yourself otrubae in the tochnit and the type and form of bolesta, Koa CE predelava pentamaran success in the tretmant, Bidai methods, lecove, all razlichat.

Pazienti with acute prostatitis by teshka openoct, fever, Losha at opsta sostoa looking for the itna hospitalizatio and the intervensi of antibiotici. A good case of acute prostatitis Mauger Yes se tretira in ambulando basis.

Tretman for prostatitis CE vrsi on the Ledneva of the project:


Antibiotici. Antibiotici all propisany for the bacterici (infectia) prostatitis. If you prekinuta of bolesta and the ASPIRATION of bacteria and viruses, antibiotici, it won't work. In historical time, and antibiotic Mauger Yes se cure recisi the sieve of acute infection. The choice of antibiotics for prostatitis acuta sought To the sink VRZ base of rezultatele of the obradovalo in the teapot of a microorganism which predizvicite infectia, and negovata individualna osetljivost of the antibiotice.

For the Blagove the hronicna of the units in the perineum, and carlitta propisani of the alpha-adrenergic receptors blokatori and Mosconi at the opposition.

The alpha-blokatory and spasmolytics isto Taka se opusti Musculine in a prostitute and a moniot MEUR in the eyeliner, and that podobry Service in the urine, and, Yes, all of the namulat simptomele.

For You, I will remove the napetosti in carlinite muscoli, and that, in fact compresia to the inflammation of the prostitute, and go to the namalivat bolkata Mauger, To praise him and the Musculine Olustee funds.

Teske in pazienti dogelene intervensi in the technote, and diuretici, which predizvicite excess urine and the shit performance of That profilaktirujut openest Organismo, and the Rasool of restucci infectia urinary (cystitis, pyelonephritis).

For the Blagove of simptomele the bacterici prostatitis in the propisuju of analytici, antipyretics, and anticholinergic hearse.

Tvrđa in the city, Xie preporacuvam to oblasova of a laxative type of paradisco oil.

If, in the tretmant of the acution bacterici prostatitis simptomele CE celosno Istisna, tretment Mora da se ODI to the CRA, satou in the simptomele Mauger to ischezni before zavrsi ischeznovenie of infectia one of taloto, and the tretment is the se spreci acute bacterici prostatitis Mauger To the camp chronicity.

In dodelin at the initialdata terapia.

Initialdata terapia

Initialdata terapia for prostatitis kluczowa:

  • the world
  • kravet, for a fragrance;
  • pieete many of the technote (namarco to 8 glasses of water a day);
  • hot sitz Vani;
  • MEKA selishteto kako shto e-mail is needed.
prostate massage

The prostatte massage (prostate enlargement). In chronic prostatitis appointed redovna massage, prostitute, co. e nafiqacen a Cure for prostatitis.

Ishrana. Some of the pazienti, in the tretment of prostatitis, e dodelin at ishrana: CE iskluchit acineta, and the mRNA hrana, jelly Pilati, and caffeine.

Korisnici effects of trestman for prostatitis vlie to redonate agularia, ARMS, Mauger the aesni drainage in prostate secret.

Pazienti, with acute urinary zadrzava bocaiuva of the privremen namatovu of the suprapubic fistula, or waiting for a moniot MEUR catheterization.

In the tretment of prostatitis take you to the wastewat Velosipedizam, therefore, placed on the tvrdi povrsini, and hypothermia.


Hirarki tretman, for prostatitis, e dodelin ourselves in a slouch of a medical methods for the lecove not the doodoo you occupante rezultati, in Luca when the simple you code the Protocol into the urine. The poker It, hirarchy interventia in a new, slusa does not, the namenet for mladite lue, satou, in That Mauger Could you bring one to the sterility, and so on.

Chirurgia identificou Ledneva methods for the tretman of prostatitis:

Transurethral recenzia of prostatita – otstranenie screen of the zarazeni wild.

Prostatectomy — operacia to odstranovat of a prostitute, acolyte wild, vkluchay seminarie vesicule. The egg Mauger To bring pentamon impotencia and incontinentia in the pacientu.

Tretman of prostatitis Narodni medicine line

treatment with traditional methods

Tretman of prostatitis in the pochenit Narodni medicine line Bozorova of the pacientu Oh, and To visit a physician, but They sekogas e-mail it, satou in if you predizvicite be a bit of a prostituta e infectia light of sopstvena e Verona and this is what actually happened. Sepak, the Babi, and, to conclude, the dodeca tion you dostigne Ledneva Narodni medicine line for prostatitis:

Semki od Tikva (White-seme). The white seeds for prostatitis CE corestat dope in the old Vremya, when sboru "Lekar" behold, Semenova, with the "quack". Semki od Tikva imaat a lot of zinc in the e-mail is needed to SECO, one of the driuve to it maskiot genitourinary systems. For a lecove it is necessary that only the pred obrezi of the day, and that 30 years of seme.

Can a isto Taka da go koristite Selezniov method: 500 g inđija white-SEMA-new plantations, and the AMCA in melnica. Doddle, and 200 g of honey, and the CE Mesha Tamano. And it's a point of topsia, Gremina in the orev. These oven Mora that is present in 1 SECO 30 minuti pred dues, rassasyvaya 2-3 minuti, 1 or 2 parties in a day. Yes it sacuvate alatka, in YOU need an in-friziderom, but the reception for half an hour to recuse from the Frigider, prior to the commencement of the ambient temperature.

The filbert (Lesnica). 1 tbsp. Logica Lisa, or the bark of the misterka of Shumsk pialat in the united states vrela water To go zatvorite Prvenstvo 30 minuti hit with Capac). After That, Aldata is a virus, and the Semite ¼ Cup 4 Aza a day. You can pielak neizmenno the korath, lastovica. Predmetu e-mail 1 or 2 weeks.

Aspen. In the vtorata half of April, when the SAP of the aspen, two duct at the belly button and lisata the drvota, all soberal the korath, the debelina of 3-5 mm. Potoa korath and the ASPIRATION to be dried in an oven, or in an efficient implementation. For susaeta, and the ASPIRATION of 100 gram of bark, Malka mash, and the stavite to go in the half a litar tegla. Korath CE preliva, and 200 g of votka, but the Taka in That e-mail celosno patriana with Rendang korath. Stavi chapakot, and ostavite to peroxidation in a dark place for 2 weeks. Pantamo, alatsata of the virus, and the se pred obrazi 3 day razredov 20 kapky tincture ¼ Cup of water.

The bone. The bone, as it is negovata the new plantation of the council of Europe, the sprawowa, not with prostatitis, but the prostate cancer. And that, padgate Drug companies koristi the new plantation, with the spines Sakata To pielak, and the CE pie CE of. Isto Taka, for this decoction Mauger going to put microclysters, 250 ml, 2-party nedelno.

And that, padgate means of the kosteni, singing the theme to the loops, at the time when the bone of the e kaheawa boa. Core, CE isecke. 3 tbsp. saccani I se preliva 600 g Sovrana water from tikot to the note. Potoa procedute it in alatsata and oparte up to 200 g in the water of the BAA. For You, it koristite on this alatka needed prazan stomak, the 3rd person of the day, and 30-kapky. Tecot the tretmant and the ASPIRATION vest is savrsen the rights to the Product. Slegna into the need to you will send out a 2 months break and this is povtorov the mouse. Themselves, and that they put the 3 items on tretman.

Propolis (bee lepak). Propolis CE koristi for the lacunae in the chronic prostatitis, Bidai of this bee-n e-mail Mona the anti-vospalitelno and an antispasmodic agent. It isto Taka Mauger Yes se koristi in the complex with medicamentous tretman of prostatitis.

And that, padgate important-As used in 20 g propolis To ischezni 200 ml of alcohol. After That, 0.1 g debianite is a bet on the CE network, 2 g of cocoa puter. The funds dobiti, and the ASPIRATION to guide Edna Svea, Koa singing the theme to the you actually takot, not in rectuma. Tecot the tretmant – 1 month, potoa a break for 4-6 weeks, and that's povtorov the mouse.

Swei from the testot. And that, padgate Lek Swee from the prostatitis testot, singing the theme to claim 3 lazizi ' RJ found a doddle Edna larocca, honey, and Ace. Xie Machaut screen sostoi, and the CE guide AVO test tenka Svea, not the powee of 1 cm in diameter. Isaan two zamrznute in a Komora. Zamrznuti swei for You, you will umetnite in the anusat in the morning and a special evening of moznost in the city. Tecot the tretmant e-mail 4 weeks ago, Edna Nedela break, and again in 4 weeks.

Bagdonas. Bagdonas e-mail a nice lekovite Bilka, rich in vitamins and minerals, go Namalwa vospaleniya of a prostitute, and vraa seksualni of the functions of the teleto.

For the tretman of prostatitis Bagdonas, there should be a clear juice, 1 tbsp. Logica 3 people in a day, half an hour prior to the Adee. For these purpose, but it is premenovat and Madonas Samia, who used to bidat meleni right. 4 lazicki CE preliva rights, in 1 Cup of water to the vrela and Xie Xie Stabat medium boil for 15 minuti usta, and potoa neka se izlazi. Put broth 1 tbsp. Logica 4-6 people in a day.

Celandine and Hemlock (Hemlock, e otrova Bilka). Half of laiza SECO on the bilki CE preliva 100 g of the alcohol. Alatka Avonmore To sustane in a dark place for 10 of anything and everything. Infusia is a virus, and the CE pie sekoe in the morning a half hour prior to the Adee. For all this, Edna, in the united states, the water in the prviot den, dodajete 1 of the Kapok used to be lekota, vtoriot den, 2 kapky, 3 to 3, and so natamu, the-30-day (kapky). To continue that, odbrana, in the reverse mamalove. Tseliot the course is for 60 days.

SOK od asparagus. For the tretman of prostatitis, e odlicno, asparagus juice with a sveklo, carrots, and krastavitsa sokovi. For poscount results and the results of It, Eden the singing of the theme you are looking To take namaku 600 ml of juice.

Expertise, isto Taka, the Velate As if the juice of the asparagus you Can have a lot of nepriatno and Mauger To the peat does not, don't force it on yourself, and on the other wasgreat on the this alatka.

SOK od plodova of the Black elderberry. By spiee, CE napie Glass of water. Potoa, 15 minuti, se Piat 1 lazica elderberry juice. And that pie n the pred obrazi. Minimalna tecot of tretmant to 10 days. Pridruzen effect of Mauger To the sink zgolemuvanje the temperaturte of the teleto some of the singing of the theme to the signalizer pochetokot the procesot of ocelove of prostatitis.

Prevencia for prostatitis

For the other speci paawat of prostatitis, Maura da Ki-see these strucni preporaki:

  • and that wasgreat the promiskuiteta;
  • To the adbie of the alcoholy Pilati, Tigari, and perch;
  • adate hrana rich in vitamin and izbegavati brsa hrana;
  • for poddrska imunologic systems of Sooden nivo;
  • and that, itagne hypothermia;
  • the atmosphere, or the natural terapia;
  • will you continue on sexualnich the chin;
  • itagne prolongera fosbucraa without agularia zavrsi.