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Excite pills for men are an indispensable assistant in the fight against erectile dysfunction. Problems with erectile function can occur regardless of age category of men. The reasons for this phenomenon may be different, but the ways of dealing with it is simple to make a little effort and dedication. Aphrodisiacs for men can be easily purchased in drugstores and in specialized shops. Stimulants for men and for women are a great alternative to folk remedies, which are not always effective and not so fast.

The characteristics of the impact

aphrodisiacs for men

Factors such as a blood supply fluid penis of men, the condition of his muscular system, psychological readiness for intimacy directly affects how effective and lasting erection. Therefore, in function of the influence of the effective means for male potency is in the following areas:

  • improving the supply of blood fluid sexual organ due to the enlargement of the blood vessels;
  • relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis, which is responsible for arousal;
  • removal of irritation and pressure on nerves, and thereby increase the potency.

Duration and activity of the sexual arousal affect the dose and concentration of active elements are used, drugs for impotence. Certain stimulating drops, cream or pills for potency are effective for only one or two hours of other drugs have an effect over 24 hours. According to many experts in the field of urology, andrology and Reproductology, do not be too often used as means which provide a prolonged erection, as in this case, it is a very big burden on the heart machine.

But, we must remember that after taking these drugs arousal happens only if there is sexual stimulation and pathogen only increases the duration and quality of erectile function. Despite the fact that the majority of medicines you can buy without a doctor's prescription, it is better to consult with specialists, because many drugs have contraindications and serious adverse reactions. Therefore, in the presence of contraindications to taking the pills, it is better to apply the cream.

The use of stimulating drugs should not only rely on its action. The effect may not be the case if in the critical moment, a representative of the stronger sex consume too much oily food, which significantly decrease the rate of absorption of the active ingredients by the body. Also, do not simultaneously use the two means to excite. Before intimacy is recommended to consume salads without mayonnaise, poultry, boiled or baked fish. And, of course, no alcoholic beverages or drugs.

In some cases, it is not recommended supplement

Not in all cases, you can use these tools, especially without consultation of the specialist. Even the best drugs can lead to risk, because we have certain contraindications:

  • the presence of chronic diseases of the heart and cardiovascular system;
  • little age;
  • frequent dizziness or attacks.
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Erection in men is a very individual thing. The reasons for impotence problems, injuries, psychological or physiological factors. Therefore, in each specific case requires its own approach, the individual selection of remedies. In some situations, instead of using tablets or drops, it is better to use a cream. What drugs are most effective? This is a list of tools that is almost always initiated by men.