Experience in the use of ProstEro

Experience in the use of ProstEro Max sent from Sofia (Bulgaria).

ProstEro - Helps

Took the drug strictly in accordance with the guidelines - 2 times a day half an hour before a meal. The taste is tolerable, you can swallow. The improvement came almost immediately, I the next day, I noticed that the pain during trips to the toilet decreased. Progress for the first week was insane - pain during urination was a nagging pain in the groin. The box I got to 10 days, ordered 3 more. The course of treatment one month, but I ended up drinking 2 months capsules for sure. The pain is not over, go to the toilet like a normal person - a few times a day, at night do not feel the need. This capsule has helped me better than all the medicines I had taken.

Experience in the use of ProstEro Andrew sent from the city of Paris (France).

Gone are the signs and symptoms of prostatitis after taking the ProstEro

Started taking capsules ProstEro as recommended, three times a day, 30 minutes before a meal. In the first 3 days, no effect was felt. This is probably because my case especially running. Cramps when urinating has become my almost constant companions. Can of the night five times to get up to pee, it is pretty annoying. Sometimes there was a burning sensation, but not often. The first significant improvement came after 10 days of treatment. Then she went on growing better and better. Take the medicine as it should be, thirty days. Now completely passed all the symptoms, even as it is uncommon. Normally I go to the toilet frequently. And began to build a personal life, thank you very much.

Experience in the use of ProstEro posted Sergey from the city of Minsk (Belarus).

ProstEro Helps, the main thing is not to improvise but to do what is in accordance with the instructions

Drop me a went perfectly well-the taste is neutral, and in General to liquid form preparations I have more confidence. To the capsules treated with more attention. At first, I of course accepted, but then decided to reject them - do not be afraid for the health of the stomach, and even in the instructions says that the Supplement is harmless. Progress began to move more slowly - if the first week of a comprehensive reception I get rid of the sharp pains when urinating, in the course of the 2 week practically nothing happened, except that the trips to the toilet have become rare. In General, the capsules had to be returned. The case again went without problems. After 20 days of treatment, I noticed that at night, it does not get up, if only 1-2 times, but I think that it is the norm.

Packages for one month was not enough for me. Had to take another package. The preparation lasted for 45 days until all symptoms of the disease not gone away. In General, it will last a month, but obviously it affects my whim for a week to the refusal of capsules, so you need to drink complex, as recommended by the manufacturer, as well as of the initiative is not nothing, only for the recovery of moves. It took 3 months for a healthy life. There are suspicions that the disease left me, so I want to repeat the treatment next month.

Experience in the use of ProstEro send Peter from Berlin (Germany).

Cure prostatitis for one month!

In the last few years prostatitis I am sick, passed in the chronic form. By his own stupidity first started everything and now I started to suffer sex life. And I'm only 40, too early for a intimate vacation to go. Sincerely, capsules attracted me by its name, which speaks for itself. Was supposed to go and prostatitis, and potency returned. My experience has shown that the name matches the reality. Natural drugs is not simple to remove the symptoms and removing the cause of the disease has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The strongest pain was gone one hour after the beginning of the administration appear less and less, and a month later disappeared completely. Go to the toilet, normally, do not experience any more problems, often commit or. Finally lost the uncomfortable feeling of not completely empty the bladder, as if an innuendo. One packet of 20 capsules for one month I needed 4 packs. Each tried to drink more water to the maximum acceleration of the metabolism and enhance the absorption of useful components. I can say that this month I was cured. This is confirmed by the tests.

Experience in the use of ProstEro posted by Markus from Zurich (Switzerland).

Lose capsules ProstErobut the effect is worth it

Drug ProstEro complex. I took the white packet inside the package with the capsules. Forced myself through the power to accept, because the taste is very unpleasant. I believe that it is easier to swallow a couple tasteless capsules than to eat bitterness, but the course involves the use of the drug in both its forms, so I resigned. I will not say that super straight effect, but a positive trend was evident almost immediately. On the first day of taking the pain dulled, I felt better, but there is a noticeable positive effect was only in the course of 2 weeks, exactly on day 10. I felt that the tension of the lower back pain does not give in the groin and the spasms between my legs is gone, fell to the burning sensation. As I got better, I decided to take a chance and have sex with his wife. To my surprise it was not pain, and erection, although it was weak (affected my excitement), but lasts until the end of the reach.

The tests I was also pleased: the inflammation eased, the size of the prostate began to decline. After recovery he decided to repeat the treatment regularly.

Experience in the use of ProstEro Urs sent from the city of Geneva (Switzerland).

ProstEro of prostatitis helps!

26, I was faced with night problems in the form of frequent trips to the toilet accompanied by pain in the groin. The first sin of green tea, which I often indulge, was expelled, it did not help. Started to refrain from unnecessary water, but the problems do not disappear. Only on receipt of the doctor I found out that I got almost things form of prostatitis. I was in shock, but to make something.

Order the drug ProstEro capsules. It took 2 times before meals, usually before Breakfast and dinner. The effect manifested itself only after 2 weeks, and even then, the number of trips is not reduced, but the cramps have become much weaker. At the 4th week capsules complete, so I had to order another bottle. Only at the end of the second month, I felt complete relief. Drops of the bitter taste, the price is high enough, the result came a lot later than I promised, however, I cure prostatitis, sleep now comfortable and relaxed, so overall, capsules ProstEro satisfied.