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  • Exercises for prostatitis: treatment of stagnant and chronic types, activities for people with a sedentary lifestyle, for disease prevention. And also contraindications to such exercises.
    12 December 2021
  • Overview of forms of drugs for the treatment of prostatitis in men: tablets, suppositories, biologically active additives. Rules and characteristics of drug use.
    11 January 2021
  • Causes and signs of prostatitis in men. Features and rules for the treatment of the disease with folk remedies: a selection of the most effective recipes and their application.
    7 December 2020
  • Exercise for prostatitis in men: daily activities, complex for the pelvic organs, yoga and physiotherapy exercises.
    1 October 2020
  • How to increase potency in men. The increase of the volume of the level of the house. Folk medicines to improve potency.
    23 February 2019
  • This article is dedicated to one of the methods of prevention of such diseases as prostatitis. This method is the prevention of prostatitis in men.
    2 November 2018