Prevention of prostatitis in men: key exercises

As is known, prostatitis is an inflammatory process of the prostate, in which the most dangerous effect on the health of men provide the consequences of the disease and not the symptoms manifest. On average, in recent years the disease has doubled, and now the risk groups are not only men over 50 years, but of twenty boys. Therefore, we should regularly prevention of prostatitis and access to a doctor for advice.


Prevention of prostatitis in men is currently a required procedure, as well as almost half of men are affected by this disease. For this reason, every boy and man should be checked for prevention.

Symptoms and causes of illness

The first is to find out the symptoms and causes of this disease, and then to talk about maintenance.

There are the following symptoms of prostatitis:

  1. Malfunctioning of the urinary system, sexual function, strong irritability and anxiety.
  2. The acute form of prostatitis is caused by the presence of high temperature, fever or a cast in the heat. Occurs a swelling of the glands, leading to difficult and painful urination.
  3. The chronic form of prostatitis occurs without visible symptoms. With side effects can be worsening of the disease.

There are several reasons for prostatitis:

  1. The occurrence of infections, the generation of the urethra and passing the prostate. These include cytomegalovirus, Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, chlamydia, and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  2. A job where you have to sit constantly (eg. Secretary, driver, Bank officer, doctor, official).
  3. The continuing lack of sex, unfinished sex act.
  4. Constant cooling, especially those who are engaged in extreme sports.
  5. Violation of hormonal level.
  6. Physical fatigue, mental defects.
  7. Reduction of immunity.
  8. Not enough vitamins and minerals in the male body.

The above reasons do not focus on the fact that a Bank officer or a fan of diving suffer from the inflammation of the prostate gland. They just need to think to visit a doctor to prevent the least once in six months.

The stages of the prevention of prostatitis

Prevention of prostatitis in men is conventionally takes place in two stages, each of which are important for the overall health of the stronger sex:

  • Primary. The period in which the main goal is to prevent the occurrence of the disease in those who were not sick. I think that this question is to men for thirty years.
  • In the secondary education. The scene in which you feel that those who are affected by this problem. The main goal of secondary prevention to carry out actions that prevents the re-development of the inflammation, or to prevent the transition to chronic condition.
symptoms of prostatitis

In the medical terminology often used the phrase the risk of inflammatory diseases of the prostate, they include the following occupations:

  • Office workers and banking institutions.
  • People whose work is connected with high humidity.
  • Truckers, taxi drivers, drivers of buses and trams.
  • Workers, whose work activity are exposed to the common cold.

Primary prevention of prostatitis in men include a complete food, set to sleep mode, lesson, sports activity or gymnastic exercises, frequent exposure to fresh air. Daily sex with a partner is one of the ways of protection of prostate disease. The doctors are convinced that the prevention of prostatitis – the maintenance of a healthy way of life as the best way. Many representatives of the stronger sex like sedentary way of life or there are those who are forced to constantly be in this position, thereby increasing the likelihood of getting cancer of the disease. It is the reason why you need to think about the consequences and start to do the exercises for prevention prostatitis. With the assistance of the aktiviziruyutsya the blood and go to the problem area, thereby increasing the muscle tone of the prostate.

Preventive measures are called Kegel exercises are fictitious and are intended for women after childbirth. But as it turned out, then for a lot of men have become a necessary process. The essence is to exercise the muscles of the anus. That is more understandable, you can workout during the process of urination. To delay the flow for a few seconds and relax, then repeat the procedure without the connection with the urine. For a positive effect is to perform the exercises with a certain interval:

  • The first seven days to do 5 sets of 10 pieces.
  • The next week increase the load up to 150 contractions in the course of the day. Such an event does not need any additional training to start the lessons at any time and in any place.

Some of the exercises for prevention prostatitis require space and specific location. Here are examples of the most popular sporting events:

  1. Position leaning on the right leg. Left foot to produce a hundred broad strokes. Similarly, with the other leg.
  2. Wear sports, which does not allow movement and start jumping. The amount of not less than 100 times.
  3. Stand upright, feet set shoulder-width apart and play the slopes of the right and left 15 times.
  4. Lying on the back, the lift makes the legs perform on the "birch". Then from this position, perform the exercise "Bicycle".
  5. In the same position, lying on back, turns to move the legs, stomach and to take in different directions.
  6. Take a deep breath, and then exhale and hold the breath for about ten seconds.
  7. Make a sitting position, legs straight in the knees. Try hands to reach your toes.
  8. Help the ball to pass through the floor, making the basis of the hands.
  9. Lying on the back, the legs, to raise and to perform a cross movement.
  10. Before going to bed to take a shower, 30 seconds use warm water, cold 15 seconds.

The above exercises are carried out not only as a preventive measure from prostatitis, but also to strengthen the General condition of the men.

Secondary prevention of prostatitis in men consists of the following activities:

  1. The use of medications prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Compulsory attendance specialist, regardless of symptoms.
  3. After the treatment, the patient is monitored by a urologist every three months, and then every six months.
  4. Every young person under the age of 40 years, is in the process of ultrasound examination of the prostate.

Your doctor may recommend to address to traditional medicine. Namely, to add in the diet more nuts, honey, parsley, dried fruits, meat, fish, apples and other food rich in vitamins and trace elements.


It is not necessary to prevent hypothermia, stress, excessive physical activity, no sex with different companions, you need to make your daily routine to lead a healthy way of life, it is time to visit the clinic and then there is no prostatitis will not prevent to live and to enjoy life.