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  • Description and symptoms of chronic prostatitis, causes of pathology, recommendations for treatment (use of drugs, structural massage and physiotherapy, folk remedies, diet and physical activity), as well as patient comments.
    11 January 2021
  • Treatment features for prostatitis of various forms. How and how to treat prostatitis at home: medicines, medicinal infusions and decoctions, pumpkin seeds and parsley, juice treatment and other traditional medicines.
    4 December 2020
  • Useful products for potency for men are garlic, onions, fish, meat, various fruits, berries, vegetables. You also need to be included in the diet of cheese, sour cream, etc.
    19 February 2019
  • Exercises to increase potency in men. The benefits of exercise and how to implement them. Restorative exercises and gymnastics for potency.
    16 February 2019
  • Bacterial prostatitis is a disease that is caused by the microorganisms that live inside of people. From the article, you will learn how to recognize and treat prostatitis.
    1 November 2018
  • The cure of prostatitis is chosen after the tests, depending on the symptoms, stage of development and neglect. Read more about the use of drugs to treat the disease, you will learn in this article
    27 October 2018