Products to increase potency in men

The man, who does not want to have problems with potency, to be healthy, think healthy offspring you need to keep accurate, balanced, healthy diet. Because used products are completely of the whole body, including the genital area.

It should be noted that the food contains a large amount of fat, simple carbohydrates, and various harmful substances (e.g., preservatives, dyes) may, in any period of his life to deal with the deterioration of potency. Very often, problems with male sexual power negatively affects the relationship between a man and a woman. Not to contribute to the development of this disease, you simply give them the advantage of a useful food to include in your diet foods rich in minerals, proteins, minerals.

The right diet for good potency

products increase the strength

First of all, we need to understand what minerals and vitamins the body needs each of the men? Useful products are those that primarily contain calcium, selenium, zinc and magnesium. Among the vitamins that are necessary for the representatives of a strong half of mankind, identify the following D, E, A, C, b vitamins, particularly B9, B6, B3, B1. They can be obtained with the use of different types of meat, dairy products, fruits, vegetables.

Keep in mind that even if a man does not noticed any problems with potency, you must still observe proper diet, because it will act as a great prevention from all types of irregularities in relation to the activities of the genital organs and the whole organism. Also useful products that we will continue to speak, will help greatly to increase potency, prolong and improve the quality of sexual intercourse.

What foods increase strength?

The beneficial effects of men have the sea food. You need to consume mussels, oysters, crawfish, shrimp. Among the most useful seafood allocate mackerel, flounder. It is recommended to boil, braise or bake the fish. Frying is not recommended.

Nuts, fruit, honey

Pistachios, pine nuts and walnuts, hazelnut, peanut is very necessary for men. They contain a lot of protein, vitamins A, E, B1, B2, B3, PP, C, folic acid, a number of trace minerals, including zinc, copper, iron, iodine, fluorine, cobalt, sodium, and others. A very good way to excite, to increase the strength is to mix the nuts with natural bee honey. By the way, it should be noted that instead of nuts, you can combine and mix the honey with sunflower seeds, plums. This miracle cure need to be consumed around 3 hours before bedtime.

In terms of honey, it is really a very useful product for everyone, especially for men. However, this product has such contraindications as allergic to peanuts and other products from bees. In the honey contains vitamins, such as B9, B6, B5, B3, B2, C. The major minerals are calcium, iron, zinc, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium.

Onions, garlic, meat for potency

Meat is without a doubt to be included in the diet. It is a lot of protein, vitamins A, E, b, PP, D. In the meat contains quite a large amount of potassium, sodium, zinc, iron, cobalt, magnesium. A huge benefit for the human male body, including potency have onions and garlic. They contribute to a significant increase the libido. Garlic and onion help people to fight coughs, colds, runny nose, headache, colds and many other diseases.

However, these products contain changeable, that is, substances that contribute to destruction of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, in the absence of contraindications garlic and onions should be consumed in the obligatory order. Onions, garlic contribute to increase the flow of blood to the genitals, improve the production of testosterone – the primary male sex hormone. They are often recommended as prophylaxis of such diseases as prostatitis.


eggs for potency

To useful foods that you should include in the diet include quail, chicken eggs. To get all the vitamins for potency, trace minerals that are present in the eggs, they should be consumed raw. These products are rich in vitamins A, b, C, D, E. If we talk about minerals, may contain phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc. You must know that positive quality which is inherent raw quail eggs is their ability to lower cholesterol.

Their advantage is a low probability of developing salmonellosis. Chicken poor quality eggs increase the risk to acquire this disease. Every man who eats raw eggs, remember that they will benefit and have a positive effect on potency, if they are fresh, quality.

Dairy products

Dairy products rich in trace elements, lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, vitamins, positive influence on General health and sexual function of men. It primarily contains calcium, magnesium ensures good potency.

Very useful to use the men milk, cheese, sour cream, cheese. There is a very good tool that is recommended for use in men. The cooking method is very simple. You need to take the cheese, pour the milk, mix thoroughly. This folk remedy will contribute to a better stimulation will saturate the body with many minerals, vitamins, beneficial bacteria.

Spices, herbs

Very useful products for the improvement of potency in men is a large number of seasonings and also greenery. Among the spices which have a positive effect on potency, allocate the cumin, thyme, thyme, anise. You can add them to your favorite dishes to make the taste more intense and delicious. Greens essential for male sexual health. You need to use parsley, dill, Basil, cilantro, celery. It is important to remember that all products will have a positive impact only if the person is allergic to them.

Harmful products for potency

To prevent the development of impotence problems, it is necessary, first, to give up products that have a negative impact on erection men. In our daily diet. quite a bit. For example, if we talk about drinks, these include all kinds of alcoholic beverages, sweet sodas. It is worth noting that men often use alcohol to be more strongly excited, become more confident, to relax.

But the frequent use of alcohol threatens to unduly burden the cardiovascular system, the liver, especially in potency. In the end, will be a lot of diseases, who have worked long and hard to treat if they are susceptible to therapy. If to speak about the frequent use of coffee, it could facilitate the violation of erectile function. Of course, low doses, rarely used, sometimes it is useful.

We must not forget that all very individually. Better to take care of themselves, eat and drink certain types of food in moderate amounts. Don't overuse sausages, sausages, all kinds of semi-finished products, food of fast preparation. All of these products contain preservatives, other harmful substances, especially for potency.

Undoubtedly, carbohydrates are needed for the body, but in moderate amounts, and potency they do not increase. Instead of white bread it is better to give preference to the dark races. White bread, are consumed in large quantities, contributes to rapid weight gain due to this can be problems with potency. It is advisable to limit the number of sweets, because they contain a sufficiently large amount of sugar which can cause diabetes. As you know, this disease is included in the list of the main factors causing reduced potency.


products to increase the strength

To avoid any problems with potency, men should sleep, to avoid excessive physical exertion, it is time to go to the hospital to see the doctor if there are any suspicious symptoms, eat healthy food, the impact of which you only need to be discussed. It is not necessary to prevent violations of potency, as soon as possible to identify the disease, to begin treatment. We want every man to want a healthy way of life, do not get sick!