Exercises to increase strength in men

Sex is certainly one of the main components for a happy relationship between a man and a woman. But modern life involves a lot of stressful situations and causes the situations that have a negative impact on male potency. After one or two failures in bed, men often go in themselves, their self-confidence decreases even more dramatic situation. In order not to have such problems or completely get rid of them, it is enough to perform daily physical exercises to increase strength. The positive impact of sport on the human body is known to all. Exercises for potency – optimal alternative to medical drugs which not only are expensive and have a short term effect, but can improve erection for a short time. So, they do not enhance the male power, and not to return it. Also, the downside of specialized tablets is a large list of contraindications and side effects. Exercises for erection do not have contraindications practical and available to everyone.

exercises to increase the strength

The reasons why there is a reduction of potency in men and a reduction of erection in the moment of sexual intercourse:

  1. The changes associated with age;
  2. Pathology of the urinary system;
  3. Smoking and alcohol abuse – a destructive effect on potency;
  4. Overeating and excess weight;
  5. Poor circulation in the pelvis. Usually seen in people who spend most of their time sitting, lead a sedentary way of life, preferring to rest in front of the TV or computer;
  6. Various hormonal imbalance;
  7. BPH in any degree;
  8. Fatigue, constant stress voltage;
  9. Personal complexes, insecurities. It often happens that these reasons suppress male libido;
  10. Work in hazardous work in greatly affects the strength.

What are the advantages of exercises to improve potency in men

  • Available absolutely of any age.
  • Completely strengthens the muscles of the body, but the main direction – the muscles of the pelvis, it provides an excellent restorative result on reproductive function.
  • During the integrated instruction in a large amount of produced testosterone. This hormone directly responsible for penis erection and helps in the production of good sperm.
  • Increases the flow of blood to sedentary lifestyle departments: hip joints, lower spine, leaving a stagnation of the circulation of the blood, metabolism completely ordered.
  • Exercises for erection are accompanied by a large release of adrenaline. It is known that the failure of their production worsens the mood, there is a constant risk and stressful situations.
  • Moderate physical activity improves mood, even the usual small charge after you wake up creates a positive mood for the whole day. The psychological state becomes normal, it helps the happy hormone to be produced in its entirety. Potency and exercise are connected directly with each other.
  • After the execution of all selected training to increase power, the body relaxes completely, and with it the muscle tension goes away.

How to conduct the physical exercises to restore and strengthen erections

  • It is important to understand that the desired effect can be achieved only when day-to-day exercises. Of course, you are allowed to make some breaks, but they should not be long delayed.
  • All exercises should be performed without haste, making 10 approaches, each approach involves specific 7-10 reps, with 30 seconds breaks between them.
  • In the early days can reduce the load by half, gradually with each time increasing the pace. The only requirement is that it is unacceptable to experience discomfort and pain when performing the exercises.
  • Try to concentrate on their actions, not to think about their problems.

To gain the confidence you need to regularly perform exercises to strengthen erection.

Rehabilitation exercises

how to increase the volume of exercises.
  1. Sitting on a chair, squeeze your buttocks, holding for a few seconds, then relax. To breathe while the nose calmly and steadily. This training is very versatile, it can be produced in any conditions, very well affect the potency. These exercises for erection help in strengthening the urinary system and the rectum.
  2. These exercises to improve potency are bare and very quickly after the surgery. Choose a secluded comfortable place for relaxation. Standing with your feet placed shoulder-width apart, bending them at the knees. Holding hands on the belt, not the pelvic translational movement, the genitals should wiggle.
  3. In the same form do the following exercises: squatting, pull at the same time the abdomen, buttocks and scrotum. Try to be relaxed and breathe evenly. This and helps in diseases of the testicles.
  4. Get comfortable in bed, lie on the back, right hand put behind the head, the left – in the area of the perineum. Squeeze the ring of the anus, pulling up the sexual organs. These exercises to increase the strength at home for men are versatile and very effective.
  5. Sit on a horizontal surface (floor), the back should be smooth. The right foot put on the left side. Then do it several movements in different directions. Change the position of the legs and repeat the exercise.
  6. Take a position in which you will be very comfortable. Necessary straining the anus, keeping this condition for 20 – 30 seconds. This exercise is to restore an erection can be performed at any convenient time, such as sitting at the computer or TV.
  7. Steps in place, the main thing is to keep the body straighter, and lift up your legs, repeat the exercise several times.

Described exercises to improve potency in men reveal how sport and potency are inextricably linked.

Exercises that are performed in the complex

  • Are all four. Gently guide the pelvis to the heels, like sitting down on them, the hands should always stay straight, try to straighten the spine during exercise. Return to original position and repeat all the exercises again. The breathing must be smooth and without delay.
  • Standing, feet apart slightly wider than shoulder width, do gentle squats, reaching the end point, put your hands between your lower limbs as possible (easier to do, leaning a little forward). On the exhale take the starting position. After a bit of rest, repeated five times. These exercises for increasing strength is a natural prostate massage. Also aktiviziruyutsya and to come to the tone of the muscles of the pelvis and perineum, blood flow is faster.
  • Starting position is the same as in the previous task. You need to do squats, the locking of the pelvis, on a level with the knees. In the rack follow these 4 to 5 movements of the pelvis back (inhaling) and forward (exhale), the intensity and speed of their choice. For convenience, you can stick to the wall or on the back of a chair, the pelvic "aftershocks" should not lead to physical process the rest of the body. The execution of these exercises to increase the strength several times a week, you will be able in short term to remedy the situation.
  • Starting position lie on his back, hands linked behind his head. Alternately follow the action with your feet. First, lift the left leg without bending. Make a few moves in a circle, first in one direction, then in the opposite. The main rule of the exercise is not to rush, to focus on the quality of the execution of the exercises "working" leg should always remain straight.

This is the preferred method for strengthening muscles and erogenous stimulation of them, exercises to improve potency.

  • Lie on your back and put your feet as close to the buttocks, bending the legs. Put your hands on your knees and with an effort on the exhale, begin to wean them to the sides (butterfly). The reverse arch of the feet, the hands need to resist the action. Keep calm breath, is not a virus many. This method kneads the prostate, as well as restores all functions.
  • Natural protection of male power to contribute to mental workout. Exercises, significantly increase the strength, are the ones who are on the basis of influence not only your thoughts, but also General attitude.
  • Stand up straight, better to do it absolutely without clothes. Lift the penis to a level that corresponds to an erection. And to try and force thought to cause the initiation (the hands do not need to be). You can submit erotic stories or object of his wishes, the main thing is that sexual arousal has passed without the help.

Exercises to increase the strength at home

types of exercises to increase strength

Morning exercise not only promotes good start of the day, but also fruitful influence on all bodily functions, especially useful for male potency. Strengthens all body systems (respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular, digestive, etc.), better performance and mood.

Be the most effective choice will be exercises to raise the power with the use of weights, plus you can include other useful classes:

  1. Deputy torso twists 90 degrees with the at the same time increasing the dilution of the direct hand-to-hand. Exercise is directed on strengthening of muscles of the back.
  2. Keep knives and performing the bending on the back of the shoulders, hold the dumbbells in them, follow these steps for 15 times. Also, with this attribute, you can do squats, stretching his hands forward. Or from the prone position raise your hands with dumbbells up.
  3. Push-UPS, they have to perform at least 20 times, try to maintain calm breathing during the exercise.
  4. Strength training exercises for increasing strength – the main goal of the training of the spine and strengthening of the corset of muscle. For members of any age, these exercises are very helpful, with their assistance, you will forget about lumbar spasms forever (lifting weights, treadmill, bike, various settings to strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs). If you have the opportunity to visit the gym or purchase of a home installation hours, they will replace the whole complex.
  5. Forward bends – these exercises to improve erection, ejaculation, and potency, eliminate stagnation of sperm, increasing their activity. Not only to perform a lot of ten times is enough. The number of add every day gradually, which leads to 50 movements, with an emphasis hands on the floor.
  6. Take the dumbbells in hand (standing), pulling them along the body, and do alternating forward lunges (big steps with a bent leg at the knee).

Gymnastics for potency is a perfect replacement for all the Badam and other similar drugs for impotence. So the man's strength returns, you will improve and save it to an appropriate level.

If you visit the fitness center or train at home, to pay attention to the yoga. It contains the best exercises to improve potency in men. Examine such training, such as: bow, plough, Cobra and more. They require a lot of effort, but very useful for the whole body and affect the potency.

Follow the above exercises to restore power, you will forget about problems in bed and strengthen your overall body. This method is a safe solution to a sensitive issue.