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Sara Souza


  • Female prostatitis - as people call it dermatitis, due to the similarity of the symptoms of the two diseases. What are Skene glands in women, why are they inflamed and how to treat them.
    20 November 2021
  • How is prostatitis treated in men? The article describes how to treat the disease with medication, physiotherapy and massage.
    11 November 2021
  • Groups of antibiotics for the treatment of prostatitis in men at home, their characteristics and application characteristics.
    15 September 2020
  • Signs of prostatitis, complex therapy, drug therapy (types of dosage forms, advantages and disadvantages, indications, selection criteria, groups of drugs used, topical and oral treatments, vitamins, dietary supplements, homeopathy), drug-free treatment, prevention.
    13 September 2020
  • Problems in the intimate sphere faces almost every man, and one of such problems is the weak erection and low power.
    29 March 2019
  • Herbs to increase potency in men recipes for teas and infusions. Fees effective for the improvement of erection in men, the ways of cooking.
    23 February 2019
  • Ways to increase potency in men: medications, surgery, folk remedies, exercises, diet. Preventive measures.
    15 February 2019
  • Symptoms and treatment of prostatitis every man must know because more than 80% of the male population are struggling with this problem for life.
    25 October 2018