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  • Bacterial prostatitis is an inflammatory process in the prostate gland and is accompanied by severe pain. What are the causes and symptoms of the disease, how is it treated? Answers to the article.
    1 December 2021
  • Symptoms of prostatitis in men. What are the causes of the disease and how dangerous is it? Effective treatment for prostatitis.
    10 November 2021
  • The prostatitis code on ICD-10 is referred to as N41. 0 or N41. 1. Causes and symptoms of the disease. What is ICD-10, treatment and prevention of the disease, reviews of men.
    20 October 2021
  • Computed prostatitis in men: what it is, causes of development, symptoms and manifestations of the disease. What to do and how to treat the pathology: drugs and folk remedies, laser treatment and other methods. Prevention suggestions.
    7 October 2020
  • Special devices for the treatment of prostatitis at home. Advantages and disadvantages of exposure, device classification, precautions.
    14 September 2020
  • The causes of onset and worsening, as well as the clinical picture of chronic prostatitis. The main components of the treatment of the disease: medication, physiotherapy methods of exposure, dietary recommendations, alternative therapy.
    14 September 2020
  • How to increase potency in men. What drugs to take to increase potency in men after 50 years.
    31 March 2019
  • Means to increase potency in men, as well as their classification. Use, and proven effectiveness. When it is necessary to adopt means to increase potency?
    14 February 2019
  • Prostatitis – inflammation of the male specific prostate cancer. Practice has proved, in the treatment of the means and methods of folk medicine is possible and efficient. How to do it at home, the recipes and the recommendations given in this great article.
    31 October 2018