Sex is good for prostatitis: the role and effect of contact in treatment


Intimate life for a man is very important, it is a sign of his strength, his self-confidence, so if there is a dysfunction of the penis, then there is a lot of stress for him. One of the most common urological diseases in the stronger sex is prostatitis. But even with such a diagnosis, the man does not want to stop having sex and therefore asks the question: "Is sex useful for prostatitis? " Experts do not give a specific answer to their patients. But everyone believes that complete abstinence can make things worse.

When making such a diagnosis, it is important to consider the stage of the disease, the cause of the inflammation, the presence of other diseases, therefore, an individual treatment is chosen for each man.

This article will discuss if sex is beneficial for prostatitis, how often you can have it and what are the contraindications in this case. And also how to get rid of an urgent illness quickly.

Prostatitis. What is this?

Man with prostatitis

It is a urological disease, which is an inflammation of the prostate, only representatives of the powerful half of humanity are sensitive to it. Previously, the pathology appeared in older men, but now it can occur in young men.

Causes of prostatitis:

  1. Constant stress, worries, conflicts.
  2. Common hypothermia.
  3. Lack of physical activity, sedentary work.
  4. Hormonal disorders.
  5. Unstable work of the gastrointestinal tract - frequent constipation.
  6. Reduced immunity
  7. Inflammation of the urinary system, kidneys.
  8. Bad habits such as alcohol and smoking.
  9. Age-related changes in the body.
  10. Irregular food, plenty of fast food, fatty foods.
  11. Obesity.

All of these factors can contribute to prostate inflammation in men. In addition, prolonged abstinence from sex or too frequent intimate life has a negative effect.

Sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia, can cause prostatitis. This usually happens during unprotected sex with an infected partner or when a low-quality contraceptive has been purchased.

If prostatitis is not treated, the cause of its appearance is not eliminated, then over time the disease will progress and irreversible consequences may occur. With such a neglected situation, the recovery will take years and during this, some restrictions on the sphere in question will be required.

The acute stage of the disease is easy to observe because there are severe symptoms. But if the prostatitis has passed into a chronic form, then it is difficult to determine, because the symptoms are practically not manifested. To detect the disease in this case, the doctor prescribes special tests.

Man at the urologist appointment

Symptoms of prostatitis

Let's look at the main signs of the disease:

  1. Violation of urination, a small dose of urine, sometimes even drops.
  2. Frequent trips to the toilet associated with the feeling that you are not emptying your bladder.
  3. Blood or other urine discharge.
  4. Genital pain during ejaculation, uncontrolled ejaculation, comes early or with a long delay.
  5. Lack of erection, excitement, attraction for the partner.

When to see a doctor?

Symptoms appear when the disease worsens. But they can subside during intimacy or exercise. The pain can only be eliminated by removing the inflammation from the prostate. Therefore, you should contact a specialist, pass the necessary examinations, do a course of medication and treatment. Some doctors suggest regular regular sex and traditional methods.

The effect of sex on a man diagnosed with prostatitis

What is the use of sex for prostatitis? A man's intimate life has a positive effect on almost his entire body. For example, during intimacy, hormones are produced that help maintain immunity. This is what helps prevent many diseases, the same prostatitis.

But not all men with this disease can have sex. Indeed, in some cases, excessive friction or irritation is undesirable.

What is the use of sex for prostatitis? Intimate life with such a disease prevents the retention of sperm in the gland, which is one of the causes of inflammation. This stagnation and the presence of microorganisms can lead to the appearance of stones, which can only be removed with surgery, because the tablets in this case are ineffective.

Does prostatitis affect sex and how? The process increases blood flow to the genitals, oxygen and nutrients. Thus, the reproductive system is strengthened, its protective properties are increased.

It can be considered that sex, as a prevention of prostatitis, is quite an effective treatment and also helps in the treatment in the early stages. During close proximity, iron is actively reduced and along with the secretive, harmful microorganisms that have appeared due to the inflammatory process are removed from it.

During ejaculation, the gland begins to produce hormones that are so necessary for the male body.

Elderly couple in bed


Why is sex useful for prostatitis? In addition to the complex stage of the disease, intimacy has the following positive effects:

  1. The strength of the body increases.
  2. A man's psychological and emotional background is normalized.
  3. Prevent the formation of various diseases such as cancer, heart attack or diabetes.
  4. After intimacy, a person becomes more confident in himself, his self-esteem increases, he feels wanted.
  5. The hormone of happiness is produced, thanks to which the guy feels a wave of strength and energy, his mood increases.
  6. Intimacy can have anesthetic effects.
  7. Sex prolongs human life, improves the cardiovascular system.
  8. During sex, calories are burned, which helps in weight loss.
As a result, the effect of prostatitis on sex outside of the aggravation stage is practically non-existent, but on the contrary, intimacy brings the remission of the disease closer. However, as with any treatment, you need to follow some recommendations.

Frequency of sexual intercourse

How often can you have sex with prostatitis? It is better to consult a specialist about the number of sexual contacts with this disease, because at different stages everything is individual. The basic rule for everyone is not very often and not infrequently, and during a deterioration it is best to abstain.

Expert suggestions:

  1. All intimate relationships should only be with a stable, healthy partner, this is the only way to get the most out of it physically and emotionally.
  2. The number of sex per week should be about 4 times. That is, normal sex occurs with prostatitis.
  3. Ejaculation should be natural, without delay.
  4. If stress is reduced, sometimes you can take special medications.
  5. If prostatitis was caused by a genital infection, then after getting rid of it, sex should be protected.
  6. The variety of classic intimacy, the same anal intercourse, has a positive effect on the prostate.
  7. Gland massage also contributes to the positive dynamics in the treatment of the disease. You can do it yourself.
  8. In the absence of a permanent sexual partner, it is recommended to masturbate for ejaculation, as it is necessary to remove the stagnant fluid.
  9. When pain occurs, sexual intercourse stops immediately.
Intimacy of an elderly couple

Contraindications to sex in case of illness

If an intimate life without the aggravation of the disease only helps in the cure, then the inflammation itself does not always have a positive effect on the intimate life. Contraindications for which you should abstain from sex:

  1. Without stimulation, the penis does not rise.
  2. Unbearable pain.
  3. The presence of urogenital diseases in a normal partner.
  4. No ejaculation.
  5. There is no permanent partner, so you need to change them often. It is very important to avoid this, because all girls have different vaginal microflora, to which men "get used" over time and during sex with different women the reaction of the genitals may be different. So prostatitis affects sex.

If there are contraindications to sexual intercourse, you should feel free to masturbate. The senses will not be the same as during sex, but will have a positive effect on treatment.

The closeness of a man and a woman

Disease prevention and sex

Is it okay to have sex for prostatitis? Yes, simply because there is a view that its complete absence can lead to male infertility or impotence. But it is not necessary to have sex constantly, because in this process it is important to help the gland get rid of excess fluid, and this can be done by masturbation. In the latter case, incomplete prostate emptying and lack of emotional pleasure are possible. You can replace intimacy not only with masturbation, but also with massage. The latter can be done independently, but it is better to consult a specialist.

Useful tips

But not all men can trust a stranger to do a familiar procedure like prostate massage. Therefore, you can take special courses with your other important ones.

The best treatment for the disease can only be prevention, so it is important to follow an active lifestyle, give up harmful foods and habits, have sex with a normal partner, be less nervous and take vitamins withreduction of immunity.

Sex is good for chronic prostatitis

The disease can be in several stages. But when he is in a chronic condition, the man should know that sex is not only necessary but also useful. Intimate life in this case is a good prevention of the transition of the disease to an acute form. During sexual intercourse, there is a natural irritation of the prostate, which helps to get rid of stagnant fluid in the gland and in its general condition.

But the main thing is that sex is protected so that harmful microorganisms do not migrate to a woman.

Man with prostatitis after sex

Treatment of the disease

Fighting prostatitis is not just about intimacy. A man should consult a specialist to be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment tactics. The first thing any doctor will advise are medications that can quickly eliminate the symptoms. The most popular drugs:

  1. Antibiotics.
  2. Anti-inflammatory.
  3. Herbal infusions (peony, nettle, St. John's wort, burdock).
  4. Hormonal factors.
Antibacterial agents are necessary only for those who, in addition to inflammation, have harmful microorganisms, in the absence of them, such a drug will only harm. After the destruction of the pathogenic microflora, the inflammation is removed.

Anti-inflammatory drugs aim to eliminate the pain syndrome. Herbal preparations are excellent diuretics that facilitate urination, eliminate bacteria and increase urine volume.

Hormone and physiotherapy treatments

Medicines for prostatitis

Hormonal drugs are only needed for men with severe disabilities. Such funds normalize prostate function, have immunoregulatory properties and increase potency. But you should take such drugs only according to the doctor's instructions and according to the scheme. Uncontrolled use of hormonal drugs can lead to significant failure of certain body systems.

In addition to medication, physiotherapy is an effective method. They are necessary only for patients in whom the stage of the disease is in a chronic form. The procedures will help improve blood circulation to the penis, normalize metabolism and metabolism.

These methods include magnetic resonance imaging, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, massage and electrophoresis. These procedures have their own advantages and contraindications, therefore their use is not recommended without a prescription.

In addition to physiotherapy, drugs, alternative therapies can be used. But they should come as a supplement to the main treatment.


Is sex good for prostatitis? Answering the question, we can conclude that apart from the deterioration phase, the familiar life will contribute to the treatment of the disease. So make sure you make love to your health!