The most effective cure of prostatitis in men

Men regardless of age susceptible to many diseases, one of the most serious, painful and is a painful inflammation of the prostate - prostatitis. The most important treatment is the cure of prostatitis. It is necessary in the first symptoms of the inflammation to consult a urologist to determine the stage of the disease, and its cause, prescribed the necessary treatment.

what is prostatitis

What is prostatitis

Prostatitis is a male disease, inflammation of the prostate gland. Diseases of the prostate suffers eight percent of the male population, pharmacists are always there in pharmacies in the presence of effective drugs for the treatment of prostatitis. The u.s. national Institute of health is divided of the disease into four main stages: acute, chronic bacterial, chronic (persistent pain in the pelvic region), and asymptomatic prostatitis. Prostatitis is often associated with diseases such as vesiculitis, and urethritis and older men may be the formation of benign hyperplasia of the prostate.

Noninfectious prostatitis

This kind of disease is the most common. It can be men with weak immune system. Non-infectious prostatitis can be a consequence of hypothermia, sedentary and sedentary way of life, occur at lower physical strain due to prolonged abstinence of sexual activity or, on the contrary, excessive sexual activity. Also, alcohol is the source of that contribute to the development of inflammation of the prostate gland. Cure of prostatitis in men cases of non-infectious, which are prescribed by the doctor, and the man himself for prevention you need to avoid going outside in the winter without extra pants, moderately sexually active, and not abusing alcohol, exercising in the gym.

Infectious prostatitis

This kind of prostatitis often contribute to diseases that are sexually transmitted. It is a variety of viruses, germs, bacteria. Also, the attacker of the infection can become a continuous process of inflammation of the men of other organs are the sinusitis, tonsillitis and kidney pathology. You will need time to begin treatment of prostatitis. The most effective cure for this disease, should be done with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory medications. If prostatitis is the result of sexual transmission, treatment of need together with a partner, to avoid re-infection. An effective cure for infectious prostatitis is prevention and safety. Treat all the inflammation of the time, one sex partner, use condoms. This is the easiest way to avoid the disease.

Symptoms of prostatitis

Frequent urination, pain or uncomfortable - the first sign of prostatitis. Is accompanied by a feeling that the bladder is not completely emptied in the lower part of the abdomen occurs pain and pain. If during ejaculation, there is pain in the rectum, it is also a symptom of inflammation of the prostate gland. Also, it can be a weak erection, loss of desire for sexual intimacy. Men, cases of prostatitis, are characterized by high nervousness, anxiety. With this inflammation can be fever, chills, sweating. If you notice any of the symptoms, don't wait, go to the doctor. The disease itself will not disappear, you need an effective cure of prostatitis already in the first stages.

medicines from prostatitis

Folk remedies for prostatitis

Many doctors suggest men to treat prostatitis, not only drugs, but also to use traditional methods. The most effective cure of prostatitis will be much more effective if you are to help him to fight with the disease, with the help of my grandmother's recipes. In order to use this or that method consult a physician in order not to harm yourself.

Cure prostatitis from pharmacy

In order to recover from the inflammation of the prostate, you need to sincerely take the full course prescribed by your doctor. An effective cure for chronic prostatitis or normal should include many elements. This antibacterial effect, anti-inflammatory (medications of prostatitis include antibiotics, but your doctor may prescribe injections for more), drugs, relaxing the muscles in the prostate pain. For the time of treatment should abandon alcohol, to avoid cold and drafts, to abstain from sexual activities during the course.


Many are asking for how much is cure prostatitis to buy. The doctor who prescribed the prescription may prescribe the drugs are expensive, which can be very expensive. Then you can use alpha-blockers are medicines that help to relax the muscles of the prostate to eliminate pain, alleviate urination. The medicinal product is intended only in the removal of the unpleasant symptoms but will not cure the prostatitis.

Also, you need to buy antispasmodics. These pills are very strong, fast, have analgesic effect.

Muscle relaxants

They need to acquire to eliminate the pain in the crotch area. They are in the direction of relaxation of the muscles, the urethra and the bladder. With their help, the pain will become less and urination easier. It is not the most required item, but to help yourself easier to transmit the disease, it is worth it to spend the money and buy it.

exercise for prostatitis

Of herbal remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

In drugstores there are a number of medications of prostatitis herbal treatment will be for about a month, with proper reception. Carefully read the instructions before you begin treatment. In any case do not exceed the dosage.

If it is not possible to buy herbal remedies, herbs can be purchased in the pharmacies individually to prepare them in teas and tinctures at home. To recommend the correct plants, roots, and buds will help the doctor and pharmacist, herbs are sold freely, without the need of prescription from the doctor. The most effective decoction for the treatment of prostatitis - a decoction of the flowers of tansy, wormwood, succession, yarrow leaves, Hypericum, elecampane root and hop cones. You can add the celandine, nettle leaves, raspberry and cranberries. All the components are taken in equal parts, milling in porridge. Four or five tablespoons of the mixture pour one liter of boiling water, to insist night. Strain, drink one third of a glass three times a day, for six months. It will be more effective to take medications and do not rely only on herbs.

Recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of prostatitis

The easiest way to get rid of prostatitis knew our grandparents because in their time was not finished medical drugs for treatment of the prostate. They had to invent their own methods, guided by age-old traditions and skills of their ancestors. And after all alive and healthy was able to cope with this disease.

The first recipe is the easiest: half a kilogram of pumpkin seeds pass through grinder with the peel, add two hundred grams of natural honey, knead the dough. From this mash you need to make small balls, about the size of a walnut to remove in the cold for forty minutes. Before each meal, for half an hour to eat one teaspoon. It must be very thoroughly and slowly to chew and swallow. Such test will be enough for the entire course of treatment is the strongest drug people production for the treatment of prostatitis.

Honey candles for the treatment of prostatitis: half of the raw chicken eggs mixed with one teaspoon of natural honey, add the rye flour to get the dough. From this mass roll into inch sticks - candles. For cleaning the freezer, and each morning and evening, after going to the toilet, insert a candle in your anus. To treat with this method of prostatitis have a month. Through week break repeat the course.

Parsley of prostatitis: parsley seeds in four teaspoons of pour a glass of boiling water, put on medium heat, boil for fifteen minutes. After the soup has cooled, strain and take before meals with a spoon soup, up to six times a day. This treatment to continue throughout the week, such a time is enough. In addition to treatment of prostatitis a decoction promotes the restoration of male power, even in old age!

the national herbs for prostatitis

Chestnut shells with spines to grind, take three tablespoons and pour half a liter of boiling water, leave for night, drain in the morning and in the water bath to evaporate the decoction to two hundred grams. Take thirty drops, three times a day on an empty stomach. When the soup is over - month break, repeat the treatment.

Hazel will help to deal with prostatitis: the ten branches of the witch hazel directly to the leaves to put in the enamel bowl, pour boiling water, so that the branches are hid. Bring to the boil and cook for twenty minutes. Infuse the soup before it becomes reddish, then put again on the fire. When the soup will be hot, drain and pour in a bowl, put in a water bath. Breathing vapors of this infusion need fifteen minutes every day. Weeks of inhalation will be sufficient to prostatitis has gone.