Methods for improvement of power — simple and effective

There are many ways on how to improve the strength of the men, most of which are available in the performance, as well as the material well-being.

Enhance the potency natural ways

increased potency

Until today, erectile dysfunction remains an important issue, despite all the efforts and achievements of the doctors to address. The fact in the numerous causes of disease and the act of a body of men every day. And in addition, in some situations, the man should seek help from the traditional methods, the exercises, if the violations are not organic in nature.

Improvement of potency in men can be directed the activities of the organs of the reproductive system and the effect of the whole body, which is often the cause potency disorders are medical diseases. For example, pathology of the circulatory system.

Why sometimes employs the methods of alternative medicine and special exercises? The fact is that erectile dysfunction can be short-term and fragmented in nature. At this point man, it is important not to dwell on the problem, as you constantly focus on our failures may ultimately lead to the development of psychological forms of the disease.

It is known that in the treatment of any disease, it is important to remove the cause or multiple causes. Is no exception and erectile dysfunction:

  • change of a way of life;
  • get rid of bad habits;
  • the correct mode of the day, as well as physical and mental stress should be evenly distributed;
  • your doctor will tell you that prescription drugs can have an effect on power;
  • if impotence is a secondary character, first eliminate the basic disease (a disorder of the endocrine system, diabetes, diseases of the thyroid gland, hypofunction of sexual glands);
  • chronic and acute diseases of the urinary organs;
  • excess body weight;
  • trauma and, for example, pelvic;
  • irregular or riotous sex life;
  • the pathology of the organs of the cardiovascular system;
  • neuropsychiatric disorders, frequent or chronic stress.

More young people violation of the the power is directly related to the neuro-mental strain, stress, unstable mentality, while the elderly causes organic lesions of the prostate and physiological changes in the organs associated with age.

Possible ways of improvement of power

There are several ways to raise the power of men:

  1. Medical intervention, the use of drugs;
  2. Recommendations for the diet with the addition of products that actively affect the volume;
  3. Special gymnastic exercises that can be borrowed from yoga, and other practices in the world of medicine;
  4. Folk remedies, which include herbs, bee products.

Which method is right for you, will help to determine the doctor depending on your individual circumstances. In many situations, doctors recommend to their patients a comprehensive treatment, i.e., diet, exercise, intake of drugs. The result came a lot faster and the duration of the effect longer.

Medical methods for the correction of violations of potency for men

Fortunately, 95% of patients amenable to conservative therapy and methods, and they do not need to resort to the services of the surgeons:

  1. Stimulants erection as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase-5 .
  2. The use of injecting drugs inside the cavernous bodies.
  3. For mild cases, you can assign remedies based on medicinal plants (ginseng, pumpkin seed, st. john's wort, parsley).
  4. In most cases, the doctor and the patient price psychotherapy to address the mental version of impotence.
  5. The vacuum method of treatment.
  6. Physiotherapeutic methods.
  7. Prostate massage, full body massage.
  8. The last hope is surgical treatment.

Basic remedies that will help to strengthen the weak potency men:

  1. On the basis of the yohimbe.
  2. The funds are intended for the strengthening of the whole body.
  3. Drugs on the basis of other substances.
how to increase the strength

Yohimbe can be called natural is not forbidden aphrodisiac. Uses the bark of an African tree, which then prepare medicinal teas. Why herbal remedy is so popular? The fact that its effect on the body due to increased testosterone levels, which potency is better in a short time, and for quite a long time.

Preparations on the basis of the tree bark to increase libido, improve the quality of the seed, the active substance of the tree increases the sensitivity and even have a positive effect on coordination.

Yohimbe is actively "interfere" in the blood flow of small pelvis, therefore its effectiveness is seen in the female. In addition to the above effects, medications with yohimbe caused a burst of emotions, to help many people to overcome the psychological barriers.

Despite the clear advantages of herbal preparations, men are more likely to give preference to products that guarantee them an erection at the right time.This drug Viagra, and other similar composition. An indispensable condition for their work is sexual stimulation. Shown medications men who can not achieve an erection or to maintain it in that condition, which is necessary for the performance of intimacy.

Due to which there is a restoration of an erection after taking Viagra? For the time of sexual stimulation the drug promotes the release of nitric oxide, which relax smooth muscle fibers of the cavernous bodies. because of this, the number of persons on the authority of the blood is improved significantly, which ultimately leads to an erection. Viagra, also increases the power of orgasm, but the sexual inclination has no effect. The pill one hour before sexual intercourse, the dose varies from 50 to 100 mg., only patients who have kidney disease, the dosage should be reduced to 25 mg.

Aphrodisiacs for men

These funds are suitable for those who are interested in the safety of their use, as well as the almost complete absence of contraindications. How to increase potency in men with natural remedies? Aphrodisiacs have different effects on the body. Some of them are restore potency due to the replenishment of the body's vitamins and minerals, the other with improving the flow of blood.

Aphrodisiacs are not only able to save the people from the cold, but also to deal with premature ejaculation, prolong the time of sexual contact.

Part of the erectile dysfunction is a special group of substances. Because they contain enzymes that are similar in their effect to the hormones the male reproductive system, or can affect the production of hormones.

Experts have found that natural aphrodisiacs have an effect on the pituitary gland, which results in the increased production of endorphins. These substances are responsible for the strength of sexual attraction, the desire, make people more relaxed. Endorphins are responsible for the emergence of sexual fantasies, can cause a sense of euphoria and elation.

See ownership of endorphins to provide pain-relieving effect, replenish energy reserves, to remove toxins.

How to choose the right remedy from the group of aphrodisiacs? The flora is rich with the representatives, who to this day are successfully used to stimulate the libido and increase the strength. One of them mentioned above (yohimbe), others will describe below:

  1. Ginseng. The usual plant is considered the king of the aphrodisiacs. Its root is used for over 5 thousand years. The approximate properties was noted by experts in the lemongrass. Indian sources claim that the root of the plant that gives force to the bulls, and young and older men. It is to be noted that the effect of the factory begins several days after regular use. The main effect of ginseng stimulant. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, improves concentration, energy, physical and mental. Significantly increases endurance, adaptation to external stimuli. The improvement of the strength is due to the normalization of the hormonal and metabolic level, improving local and General circulation of the blood in the organs of the small pelvis. The root of the plant are used not only as an aphrodisiac, but also as a General tonic, which with constant use protects us from many diseases;
  2. Of st. john's wort, for men. In many cases of low sexual activity and reduced erectile function is the result of a beginning depression or neurotic disorders. It is st. john's wort is used as a means for improving the mood, and the removal of men from a state of depression. During the research it was proved that the use of a variety of products based on st. john's wort gave the following results: 60% of patients felt again the forgotten desire to have sex, and about 80% to completely get rid of irritability, anxiety, various disorders of sleep;
  3. Ginkgo biloba. All known plant, used as a means for the improvement of memory and cerebral circulation. Less glory gingko biloba received as an aphrodisiac. Impact on erectile function is related to the improvement of the flow of blood through the vessels. According to research, ginkgo biloba is beginning to show its strength after 6-8 weeks of constant use, and six months later, is not a complete restoration of the former level of power.

Anything else I can help you with violation of power?

food for potency

Oddly enough, all the ways that you can use to improve and as stimulators of potency, a very simple and well known:

  1. Flower pollen. As one of the options that you can use this product of beekeeping. It is also called a super-food. In the composition of a large number of elements, vitamins, DNA and RNA, as well as a substance that prevents aging — superoxide dismutase. Its main action is the initiation of the sexual interest;
  2. Zinc. One of the basic components for the synthesis of testosterone and normal sperm production. To be found in many types of food, which are described as an increase of power: nuts, raspberries, strawberries, celery, seafood;
  3. Proteins of animal origin. Responsible for the synthesis of hormones, sperm recovery genitalia, their full development;
  4. Potassium. The macronutrient is responsible for the strength, energy, vital functions in our body. therefore, its deficiency is associated with apathy, loss of interest in any sexual relations.
  5. Calcium. Responsible for the duration of sexual intercourse, with its lack of observed premature ejaculation, decreased potency and libido;
  6. Phosphorus. Provides normal physiological conduction of nerve impulses, which are responsible for "nervous" regulation of sexual intercourse;
  7. The lack of beta-caroteneor vitamin A affects the normal secretion of sex hormones;
  8. Tocopherol. Perhaps the most well-known vitamin that is used to restore power. In addition, vitamin E is responsible for the ability to fertilize.

Exercises that will help to improve potency

Gymnastic exercises have been used successfully for improving the strength, and to this day, their popularity is not falling. You can perform simple technical available for all the complexes, as well as for those who want to know more, there are special equipment:

  1. Exercises for the muscles of the pelvis, was developed by Kegel. Originally intended for women like gymnastics, the return of the strength of the muscles of the perineum. Later, it became clear that the exercises are so well trained muscles of the perineum, the walls of the genital and urinary organs, it was decided to use between the different layers of the patients with a weak potency in men;
  2. Complexes of yoga. Also, in the direction of increasing muscle tone, strengthening pelvic muscles;
  3. How to increase male strength through breathing exercises. These exercises not only Improves the function of the respiratory system, but also the flow of blood and oxygen to all body systems. Indirectly affecting erectile function.

What if the man's weak potency, and how to improve the potency old age? Use familiar and so simple ways: give up bad habits, to establish a regime and diet, to include in the menu products which are precisely designed to improve the functioning of the genital organs, to minimize the impact of the causes which led to the loss of usual sexual life (maybe it was the stress and chronic fatigue syndrome).