How to increase potency in men

For men, an important property of the organism at all times was the potency. To understand the terminology of the word need to refer to a medical dictionary.

What is the potency

male potency

It is the ability of an organism to sexual intercourse. However, the volume of the affect of:

  • the rate of emergence of an erection;
  • the normal course of the sexual intercourse;
  • duration of sex;
  • the functioning of the penis.

It is considered that the strength is maintained throughout the life of the stronger sex, and decreases only at the appropriate age. Translated into the French language, this term means "opportunity". The word "power" is in the 19th century, and the purpose of the sexual activity of the stronger sex.

It is important to know: if at the age of twenty the young man sees an erection problems, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

It is worth mentioning that the problems in sexual life influences of certain factors, which should be avoided:

  1. lack of sleep;
  2. the use of alcohol;
  3. fatigue;
  4. eating fatty foods;
  5. sluggishness;
  6. hormonal substances.

Interesting fact:the volume of are related to women. But, its exact definition does not currently exist.

For the functioning of the penis affected by chronic diseases. They can either increase and decrease the volume. In particular, for chronic diseases the opportunity to enter into an intimate relationship among men is reduced. And tuberculosis, and trichomoniasis are higher. However long it will last. After 2-3 months the strength is significantly reduced, and can have significant complications.

What you need to know about the potency

In the educational institutions do not explain to the younger generation about the sexual acts and the possibilities of the male body, with the result that in the future questions arise.

Important: if in the morning young man constantly manifested an erection, it is a sign of the normal course of the sexual process. The maximum can be achieved when you change sexual partner, holiday, or after winning a fight.

The negative factors affecting male activity:

  • excessive physical labor;
  • "a syndrome of the businessman";
  • the lack of suitable conditions for intimacy.

Many men are used to do without the treatment from the experts and to make the synthetic drugs. However, such methods can have a harmful effect on health. Therefore, there are different ways to increase the volume of men: the natural, people's and drugs.

How to increase male potency natural ways

According to experts, the first and foremost rule is food. Food plays a major role in the healthy functioning of the body. Consumption of fresh vegetables, meat and fruits helps to safely increase strength.

Products, are necessary in the diet of every man:

  • honey;
  • garlic;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • dark chocolate;
  • carrots and milk.


how to increase the strength

The Chinese doctors always say that the person there are special points that can to solve all questions, connected with male libido. These points on the feet, back, and arms. In order to increase the impact they require the participation of a doctor or acupuncture (under supervision or with the participation of a specialist).

Interesting: a very good influence on the strength of the erotic massage.

Doctors also recommend to do a prostate massage because it has a positive impact on potency. You can do it yourself in advance in consultation with your doctor.


More and more young people are in a sitting position because of work. As a result of the deterioration of the metabolism, man is prone to rapid deterioration and fullness of sexual desire towards the partner. In this case, you will need to play the sport. On the Internet there are educational videos, which remove instructors. The main task — to make the heart work harder. Keep in mind that during physical work a man will get a charge of vivacity and optimism, which are positive factors to preserve the strength.

Important: increasing the load gradually, and not abruptly, so as not to harm their own body.


Since childhood, it is known that man consists of 70% water. The absorption of the fluid also has a positive effect on the male libido. Before going to sleep doctors recommend to take a cold bath. The procedures are not only good impact on the immune system, but also the blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Important: once a week a man needs to visit the bathroom. Such treatments for the improvement of the condition of the body and remove unwanted toxins.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, there are folk remedies that can raise power and even to get rid of prostatitis. However, they should be used, also, with the agreement of the doctor:

  • medicinal herbs (nettle, thyme, calamus and ginseng);
  • honey, carrot juice, ginger, nuts;
  • white wine;
  • salad with onions, beets and asparagus;
  • natural pathogen — extract of Eleutherococcus.


Experts have reported that ginger root has a stimulating effect on the sexual activity of the stronger sex, of course, improving circulation and metabolism. Interestingly, ginger can be added to drinks, food or just water, fresh or in powder form. In any case, the root retains its beneficial properties. Here are just a few of the dishes I should add to get the full taste of ginger:

  • baking (ginger cookies);
  • the marinating chicken and other meat;
  • cooking fish and seafood;
  • delicious tea (ginger goes well with honey).

Tincture to increase the strength

  1. the red tincture (to prepare for this use of the medicinal product, should be bought in pharmacy, the leaves of the plant and cover with vodka. Two spoons of grinded leaves to 0.5 liters of alcohol. Leave in dark place for 1-2 weeks, shaking occasionally. Use: 10 drops three times a day);
  2. garlic (really good use of the medicinal product. For its preparation you will need grated garlic and 0.5 liters of vodka);
  3. ginseng (tincture of this plant are already being sold in pharmacies);
  4. nettle, calamus, thyme.

Interesting fact: of the popular ways that you can easily increase the strength. But do not abuse them. More on the forums talk about using mustard. You need to lubricate the stomach with oil, and attach to this place soaked in hot water, in one shot. Hold it for 5-10 minutes. This popular method is aggressive, and spend it is often not recommended.

Modern medicine

increased potency

The diminished potency can be avoided by using high quality of medical products or services. For example, they include innovations in the world of medicine — vacuum-constructive correction, easily stimulating the circulation of blood. The procedure is performed just before sexual activity. Effect, which provides a tool for a long time.

Experts advise for a long and a positive result using the injections. Injections are administered in the penis. Another option is hormone therapy, however, before resorting to this method, need to go consult a doctor. In the case of emergency a man has to resort to surgical intervention. This method is suitable only with the condition that the other did not give any results.

Tips from the experts:

  1. don't expect instant results, if there were serious problems, contact your doctor;
  2. do not panic if the deterioration of potency, biological processes can be established in a natural way;
  3. do not give up personal life due to problems with the male libido;
  4. the elimination of the negative factors that affect the health of the people;
  5. get enough sleep, do not be nervous about trifles;
  6. do not drink too often drugs, they are an auxiliary means.

In conclusion, we can say that there are many solutions that will help to avoid problems with male libido. It is therefore not necessary to fall into depression, if you realize that you have a problem. However, in the case when the natural and folk remedies do not help, you need to seek help from a doctor. The specialist will prescribe medications that will help you to choose the right herbs and nutrition, which will also produce a positive impact.

It should be emphasized that for contemporary human issues associated with men's activity not considered without a solution. The most important thing is to keep a healthy mind, exercise and lead an active sex life with a partner.