How to increase male potency natural ways

Today, every life in the conditions in which are required of him sometimes just unbearable physical and mental activity. The 21st century is the century of new technologies, poor environment, poor diet, bad habits and much of what influences health, violates the very harmony of our existence in this world. For men, it is primarily associated with potency.

improvement of potency in men

Over 30% of the men, even at a young age, today are faced with problems in intimate life. The beginning of the disease of the prostate, infection of the urinary tract, promiscuity or lack of them led a strong half of humanity to erectile dysfunction, are forced to live in conditions of permanent stress, depression, uncertainty in own forces. This causes even more serious consequences – cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks, strokes.

Man is so constituted that they go to the doctor only when he understands that the situation is out of control. But most want a delicate problem to solve.

Here come to the aid of numerous medicines Viagra. Acting immediately, the effect lasts up to five hours. And all will look ok, if not side effects that make themselves known very soon. And the situation is getting only worse.

Sexual symptoms may be temporary or permanent. Sometimes they are associated with psychological problems, the first failure in the bed, the unethical actions of your partner in this delicate situation. Sometimes a person just gets tired.

In such a situation, you can try to deal with the problem yourself using natural ways to increase the volume at home. A lot of them, all of them are time-tested and has earned credibility and approval specialists.

What is the potency

Before you start to talk about methods and ways to increase male potency, you will need to decide on this concept. To increase the volume is not to make men the sexual giant. This concept is not only his sexual abilities, it is much wider.

There are other, equally important side to this question, defining the General male potential. It is a physical, moral, spiritual and ethical opportunities. All those qualities that he attains a certain status in the social and material aspects of your life.

It was in connection with this male every woman dreams. So nature intended. Because hello to all sides men are born of the same healthy and strong offspring.

Erectile dysfunction leads to major problems in all aspects of the potential men. We all know that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure. However, the official medicine together with the pharmaceutical companies use it to cure without worrying about health promotion.

Of course, there are situations where access to specialists is of vital importance. However, in most cases, to wait for his efficient and inexpensive assistance from this side of useless.

You need to learn how to use the opportunities you give to the person by the nature, independently. And of course, if a man wants to is a ripe old age to remain a true representative of a strong half of mankind.

How to improve the potency

Male potency very often crashes due to a trivial problem. The body is weakened due to addictions – nicotine, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, excess weight. Sometimes it is associated with diabetes, or problems of a cardiovascular nature.

It so happens that the man upset about, is experiencing stress, is a long depression, experiencing chronic fatigue. All of this may not affect his General health.

The promotion and prevention of power should be approached action and to work in several directions.

improvement of potency in men ways

To use products that can replenish vitamin and mineral deficiency in your body. Men vitamins are vitamins A, C, b group, minerals – zinc and selenium. Their body need to get in the required daily allowance completely. It is those trace elements that restore hormonal balance, increase testosterone, increase sexual activity and potency.

Review your diet, incorporate daily:

  • lean red meat-beef, lamb;
  • lean meat, and wild game – rabbit, chicken, pheasant;
  • any nuts 100 g per day;
  • seeds, especially pumpkin;
  • fruits, vegetables, citrus beet, pomegranate, Etc;
  • all varieties of onions;
  • liver and egg yolk, quail eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • fish, especially of sea – two times a week, always;
  • any seafood – preferably raw or after minimal thermal processing;
  • parsley, spinach, any greens;
  • flax, peanuts, olive oil and fish oil;
  • honey with walnuts, pollen, any products of beekeeping;
  • cocoa, chocolate tall varieties, black;
  • ginger tea, Mare's milk, fresh juices from vegetables and fruits.

Follow these instructions:

  1. To learn how to perform simple exercises that will increase the flow of blood to the organs in the pelvis and training the muscles associated with the genitalia. They are called the pubic-coccygeal. These systems are simple, require little time, and the results will become obvious after a week. There are separate complexes to increase strength, increase erection, massaging the testicles and scrotum, Kegel exercises.
  2. Actively fight against excess weight. If your beer belly is more than 94 cm, then it is considered to be obese. It is the most dangerous enemy of potency, as it encourages the production of female sex hormones and male testosterone significantly decreases. It will quickly lead you to erectile dysfunction. In addition, overweight is associated with the occurrence of diabetes, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, that reduces overall health.
  3. Stop Smoking, drinking, using even the most soft drugs. Science long ago showed a direct dependence on the volume of bad habits. This will greatly increase the possibilities in the intimate sphere.
  4. Try to sit less, move more, exercise. The representatives of office plankton is much more likely to suffer from the sexual dysfunction from the representatives of professions related to heavy physical effort. Learn how to make morning exercises, running, jump rope, buy a simulator, at least, the easiest. If athletic training is limited due to lack of time I have to sit down, will help of Kegel exercises. You can perform it while sitting on the chair. It is in the direction of strengthening of the pubic-coccygeal muscles.
  5. If you feel that the problems with potency connected with complexes, caused by the failed sexual act, or something similar, try to seek the assistance of a therapist or help yourself.
  6. Try to be less nervous on any occasion, to fall into a depression, to avoid stress. Otherwise, sexual function will be infinitely becomes weaker. This ancient mechanism of conception of the child in a harmonious environment.
  7. Get plenty of rest, try to sleep peacefully for eight hours. Sleep should take place in total darkness and silence. Vacation must take place in your life. Remember how many months it will operate seven days a week. Otherwise, the reduced potency provoke.
  8. Using traditional methods, to prepare decoctions, tinctures of medicinal plants and herbs, take a vacation, spas, make aromatherapy and yoga.

Potency: how to raise a home

In this part of the article will examine some of the moments of the increase of the power in vivo in more detail.


Exercises for increasing strength is simple, in the direction of increasing the duration and strength of erections by increasing the blood flow in the pelvis and penis. Do it in the morning and in the evening. Increase the load slowly over time, making each exercise up to ten times.

The simplest of them:

improvement of potency in men products
  • To stand on the floor, hand on the waist, feet apart on shoulder width. Rotation of the pelvis in the direction of clockwise, and then in the opposite direction – to a maximum of ten times in each direction.
  • The same starting position. Carry out the walking movements of the feet, raising them to the chin. Stand try straight. Ten times each leg.
  • The hands on the waist, legs slightly bent in knees. Start the exercise by bending the legs more, as to sit down, much straining muscles of the buttocks 2-3 times.
  • Lying on the floor, legs shoulder width apart slightly bent at knees, arms lie along the body. A sharp separation of the pelvis and the back of the floor, standing straight up and hold for a few seconds, then take its original position.
  • The next exercise resembles riding a bike. Lying on the floor, as in the previous exercises, simulated leg Cycling.
  • The greatest impact of the pubic-coccygeal muscles. Lying on the floor, legs slightly bent, arms lie along the body. Start a lot of strain this muscle and by the strength of the voltage, not the number of iterations.
  • This exercise is performed in a sitting position. Hand on the waist, the chest is thrown forward, shoulders upright. Straining the area between the testicles and anus, how to get away from cereal that spilled on the floor. The muscles of the buttocks at the same time trying to relax and not to strain.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises developed by a scientist by Arnold Kegel in the middle of the last century, and aims to:

  • removal and prevention of numerous diseases associated with the genitourinary sphere – inflammation and adenoma of the prostate, urinary incontinence, urethritis, hemorrhoids, etc.;
  • the increase in time and force an erection by filling with blood to the small pelvis and the penis;
  • increase the time and strength of orgasm. Sexual acts become more and more filled with new sensations;
  • the stabilization of the hormonal balance and increases the production of testosterone. Because these exercises improve the activity of the testes which are responsible for the production of this substance;
  • control over ejaculation, extend the sexual act and enabling more sexual intercourse in a short period of time.

Simple Kegel exercises are good because they can be performed any where and at any time. It is important to know where the pubic-coccygeal muscle, or the LCP. To find very easily. If, in the course of urination will stop the stream, between the anus and the testicles will feel how tense this muscle.

A simple exercise:

  • training LKP-muscles. Learn how to find it, and then squeeze and relax. This is the simplest way to strengthen. 2-3 times a day is enough;
  • the delay of the aircraft. Every time you go to the toilet, try to stop urinating 2-3 times;
  • at the end, when you already feel muscles, you can begin to stress relaxation independently of the other muscles of the body. The effect of this exercise lies in the force of contraction and number of repetitions. It is necessary to bring the number up to three a day, ten exercises in each session.

Recipes for traditional medicines and herbs

  • every day for one month, eat 200 g of nuts per day with the goat milk;
  • are mixed in a 1:1 ratio of chopped nuts and honey until smooth. Eat three tablespoons a day half an hour after meal for one month;
  • tincture of Eleutherococcus. Within 30 days, three times a day for half a teaspoon, diluted with a little water half an hour before eating;
  • garlic tincture. In the three-liter jar put a kilogram of garlic, cover with water, close the lid and keep for one month, shaking every day. Drink a teaspoon, until the contents run out;
  • tincture of ginseng root, which can be bought in any pharmacy. Take 30 drops three times a day half an hour before a meal. Last date of receipt, not later than five hours before bedtime, as it can cause insomnia;
  • a relaxing bath after a hard day of Laurel leaf or chamomile. I usually cook three quarts of broth, strain, pour into a warm bath and it lasts for about 20 minutes before you go to bed;
  • the collection, which includes st. john's wort, peppermint, red clover and nettle. All this is mixed in equal amounts and drink a tablespoon of Glass of boiling water. To take as an infusion pump to increase the volume;
  • improve potency in men exercises
  • honey with the addition of a few drops of any essential oil – rose, ginger, oil of st. john's wort, eucalyptus or mint;
  • to increase the flow of blood you can take an infusion of horse chestnut, and of the collection, which includes elderberries, blackberries and st. john's wort.

At the same time by using the advice on dietary modification, physical exercises, taking tinctures and decoctions, prepared with his own hands, you will soon feel that the strength is increased. And with it, increasing the overall tone of the whole body and its defense.