Increased potency in men

Increased potency in men, is a pathology that requires urgent medical intervention.

We often hear about the problem of impotence – impotence men, which can to drive in deep depression. At the same time, the opposite problem – high potency (erection) few know. At first glance it may seem that the increased potency is a great benefit for men, but it is not so. Excessive sexual excitability (often unreasonable) is pathological and leads to serious problems, including mental health.

The reasons for increased potency
increased potency

There are the following main reasons for the increase of the erection:

  • Psychogenic. Irritability is often observed in men of different nervous and mental diseases (for example, neurosis, epilepsy).
  • Neurogenic – occurs in men with diseases of the spinal cord and the brain. Can also occur with trauma, tumors, or encephalitis.
  • Somatic – occurs in leukemia, allergic reactions and sickle cell anemia.
  • Intoxication. The increased power of the background of the drunkenness occurs, for example, with the excessive use of alcohol, psychotropic or narcotic drugs.
  • Drug – develops on the background of some medications, usually antidepressants, stimulants and drugs to increase the volume.

In some cases, doctors are able to determine the cause of elevated erection.

Symptoms of high potency

With the increase of the erection, patients may complain of persistent or frequent erections. The manifestations of this condition depends on the length of stagnant processes in the penis.

Erection can happen without reason, do not stop after the initial and even after sexual intercourse or Masturbation. The penis in this case, as a rule, is painful. The intensity of pain is different. Some men severe pain, while others have painful symptoms are expressed very poorly.

The duration of the erection, can also be different. Sometimes it may take a couple of months! The nature of the erection is that the penis becomes curved, and its head turned to the side of the abdomen. Often there is a violation of urination and defecation.

The diagnosis increased potency

Diagnosis the increase of the erection is based on interviews with men and external examination of the external genitalia. Also, the doctor questions the patient about other possible diseases, which can lead to increased erections.

In some cases where high potency is required as an ultrasound diagnosis the penis, as well as the arrest of the punctate of the corpora cavernosa.

Treatment high potency
treatment potency

After the detection of symptoms of high sexual excitability of the man, it is necessary to consult with a doctor.

Initially, the treatment of this disorder is conservative. In the medical institution, the penis of men draped with ice, and then proceed to puncture of the cavernous bodies of the penis with a special needle. Thus, from penis pumping excess blood to get a blood scarlet color. It should be noted that the puncture is only valid from the first day of the beginning of elevated erection. If time does not eliminate erection, it is still possible the development of complications, until the development of impotence. Among the remedies can be used anti-anxiety drugs, and adrenergic agonists.

If conservative treatment does not bring the desired result, then resort to surgery. The purpose of this operation is to improve the outflow of blood from the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

In severe cases, increase erection can lead to very serious consequences, then we need to resort to the amputation of the penis followed with the plastics and the introduction of the prosthesis.