Power in men

If there is something that can once and for all, to destroy the confidence of people in themselves and to deprive him of a full life, so this problems with potency. The disease affects members of all professions — from the cleaning of the ceos of major corporations, and stars of show business, and the level of wealth here, it loses its meaning. Potency in men depends on many factors (psychological problems, other diseases, diet, way of life), as well as measures for the improvement of humanity sought in the course of its history. However, the knowledge and the level of modern medicine in most cases can successfully cope with the disease.

Reasons for the emergence of problems with potency

the increase of potency in men

Under the potency in modern medicine is the ability of man to perform regular sex acts, which also implies the ability to maintain an erection and complete sexual intercourse with ejaculation (premature ejaculation is considered a pathology).

Still quite common is the idea that the reason for the problems with potency lies in the different psychological problems: strong stress, indifference or bad behavior of the partner, emotional trauma that occurred in the past. However, statistical data indicate that these factors are only responsible for 20 % of all cases, and in others the symptoms or complications of other diseases (for example, prostatitis, diabetes, diseases of the cardiovascular system), by the effect of the medicinal product, as a consequence of harmful habits (Smoking, use of drugs or alcohol) or lack in the body of certain substances due to improper diet.

Often the situation is exacerbated by a false sense of embarrassment and shame. The prevailing social traditions require a man to endure all hardships and suffering. Those who were brought up in a strict conservative conditions, it seems to be invalid "for any reason to run to the doctor", not to mention to share their experiences with a psychologist and tell someone (even a specialist) for erectile dysfunction. As a result, without timely treatment, the disease progresses without hindrance, and further to be rid of it requires a lot more time and effort.

It is worth remembering that every problem will not be able to cope until then, until you remove its cause, therefore increasing the potency in men — a guaranteed consequence General improvement of health.

From this we can draw a fair conclusion: erectile dysfunction is actually a symptom of other problems. Here we can recall another common misconception, which is that of potency in men after 50 years are irrelevant. In fact, the same organism until death retains the ability to perform the sexual act. Because of age-related changes can reduce the frequency of intimacy, but the corresponding physiological capabilities remain even in old age.

It may seem strange, but the increased potency of men is still a cause for concern. This happens when taking drugs, drugs for bodybuilders or is a symptom of other diseases (for example tuberculosis or chlamydia). Do not react suddenly increase the demand for the sex. After some time (and, most likely, very short) the force will start to decline sharply until, until you complete the impotence, and in this case, dealing with it will be very difficult.

How to increase potency in men?

The most obvious answer to this question is to deal with the basic disease or of the as far as possible, facilitate it. However, if the problem is not with the basic medical conditions, you can try the following methods:

  • You may have problems in the intimate sphere arose due to a stressful situation or other psychological problems. In this case, you must contact a competent specialist and to undergo psychotherapy.
  • Improvement of potency in men occurs when the lifestyle changes. Constant stress, overwork, bad habits, and improper diet are unacceptable. The situations in which it is impossible to improve working conditions, to give up bad food, alcohol, tobacco, and especially drugs almost never happens. Usually the main limiting factor here is the lack of motivation.
  • A great influence on the harmony in sexual relations is the mutual understanding of the partners. If some behavior of the woman interfere with intimacy, you need to discuss this issue and try to come to an understanding.
  • Increases the strength and the change of scenery. Established for many years, the monotony turns into a routine, even sex. What would be the cozy of any bedroom, is sometimes to get out of it. Journey together, sexy lingerie, spontaneity, not schedule for years in advance — this will help re-ignite the fire of passion.
  • An active way of life often increases libido. If the relationship with the women has lost its former brightness, you should try to exercise. In the course of physical activity improves the flow of blood to the pelvic organs and secretes serotonin, so the potency will be improved.
  • Finally, you can use the drugs to increase potency in men. Some of these are vitamin-mineral complexes and make up for the lack of relevant substances in the body, which problems can be eliminated in the long term. Other tools have significantly improved blood flow in the pelvic region. Because the effect does not last very long, they should be taken shortly before sexual intercourse.

Means to increase potency in men

than to increase the strength

Now on the market represented a large number of drugs and dietary supplements that improve the potency.

First, as a rule, are the special pills. Potency in men this case is strengthened by the strong inflow of blood in the organs located in the pelvic region. Some of these drugs has a therapeutic effect, allowing for a long time to get rid of this problem. Others work for a short time (from several hours to several days), and can therefore be considered only as a temporary measure.

Of testosterone production and secretion of the seminal fluid is largely under the influence of certain substances. With a lack of appropriate vitamins and minerals can cause problems with potency. In this case, the aid comes a special vitamin-mineral complexes and biologically active additives (BAA).

In addition to the replenishment of the lack of nutrients in the body BAD also can strengthen the blood circulation in the pelvic region. However, since in nature it is difficult to find a component that could have a short-term, but high impact, these tools are typically focused on long-term therapeutic effect.

Availability of funds is under the influence of many circumstances: the individual characteristics of the organism, intolerant to any substance, the specific reasons for impotence problems, and other diseases. Because of this use of the appropriate drugs must only after preliminary investigation and consultation with the doctor.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men

The question "how to improve the strength of the men" had at all times the representatives of all classes. The result was a somewhat effective means of traditional medicine, here are some of them:

  • The infusion of thyme. In dried form, this herb you can buy in the pharmacy. 100 g of dry plants, pour a glass of boiling water. Once the mixture has cooled, it should strain and drink. You should take this remedy for 2 times a day after meals. A similar effect and way of administration of the dry leaves nettle (you can buy in the pharmacy).
  • Another mixture is prepared in the following way. 100 g of ginseng pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and infused for 2 days. Then put on fire and bring to the boil, then add 50 g of honey. After 30 minutes you'll need to add 10 grams of cinnamon and allow the mixture to simmer on low heat for 3 hours. Then a solution of insist 3 days. The means are 0.2 l 2 times a day.
  • Very easy to prepare, but no less effective remedy — black tea with cloves, ginger or saffron.

The effect in the manner described does not happen immediately, but most likely, after a few months of use.

Products that increase potency in men

To get rid of problems with potency, you do not have to take pills or potions, which taste disgusting. Sometimes it is enough to extend your daily diet. A large number of products already contain substances that affect the secretion of sperm and secretion of testosterone, including:

  • honey and other bee products;
  • some vegetables with a spicy taste (for example, thyme, mint, cumin, purslane, anise, parsley, cilantro, spinach);
  • fresh vegetables (especially turnips, garlic and onions);
  • livestock, meat, fish and poultry, and other protein rich foods;
  • milk and dairy products (sour cream, cheese, cheese, kefir, yogurt);
  • some exotic national cuisine (dog meat, seasoned with turtle blood and oil, a camel's stomach);
  • seafood (oysters, mussels, shrimp, squid);
  • fresh dandelion leaves (suitable only for those who have been in the flowering period);
  • wine vinegar and the juice of ripe grapes;
  • nuts (peanuts, walnuts, filbert, pistachio);
  • figs, citrus, grenades;
  • fried or boiled eggs.