Sex for prostatitis: limitations and consequences of sex for men with prostatitis

The prostate is often referred to as the "second heart" men, the epithet is not accidental, it is from the normal functioning of the prostate depends on the ability of the body to produce testosterone — the main hormone in men.

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A healthy prostate helps to maintain the male regular sexual intercourse, and inflammatory processes in the body, often disturb the habitual way of life and becomes the reason for the decline of the relationship in the family. With this information, it is easy to understand that the of prostate gland, diseases affecting the a heavy burden and a serious psychological test for the patient.

In the process of ejaculation is the release of the secret, and if this procedure is not performed for a long period of time, in the prostate occur congestion, which becomes the catalyst of this disease, and lead to its acute forms, which is the reason why regular sex with an unpleasant male disease is necessary. It is especially important to maintain a constant relationship after 40 years, because in this period the production of testosterone is on the decline.

Regular sexual relations contribute:

  • the active development of prostatic juice;
  • the normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic area and directly in the prostate;
  • when the contraction of the muscles, which are involved in the sexual process, there is prostate massage, which has beneficial effects on its operations and get rid of the negative manifestations of an infectious nature;
  • orgasm with the release of semen can effectively remove the decay products that appear in the course of the inflammatory process, which further cleans the affected body of toxins, thus improves the supply of the prostate with oxygen and recovery is fast.

Use sexual intercourse for male disease is proven by leading specialists urologists, but that sexual intercourse really helped and not hurt the recovery, it is necessary to maintain a reasonable balance and to be sure to use a condom, the infection is not transferred to the partner.

The chronic form

Contraindications to the sexual activity in the old lesions of the prostate do not exist, on the contrary, in chronic prostatitis near requires and man needs to plan for regular meetings with a woman. The process of mating can accelerate the effects of the therapy and faster to get rid of this nasty disease, pain characteristic of acute forms, in this case are not respected, which makes the procedure not only useful, but also enjoyable.

When someone refuses to close, often due to psychological problems, congestion in the prostate start to become more active and the treatment of the problem is delayed. Partners need to discuss the situation and, if necessary, to seek assistance from a specialist who will be able to rehabilitate the patient to restore a normal sexual life.

Abstaining from sex for various reasons, negatively affect the health of the patient with chronic prostatitis. The disease develops at this stage, lends itself to therapy is very difficult and requires a great exposure to all the possible ways, so therefore, a man with a similar diagnosis should have regular sex, even if the desire is absent.

Excessive "crash", will also be the reason for problems in an unhealthy body. Excessive strain on the weakened prostate gland in chronic illness will not allow you to undergo the normal healing process of the affected area, because of its constant irritation. Therefore, the frequency of sexual intercourse should lead to the average, giving them the ability to conduct effective therapy.

symptoms of prostatitis

Sex in acute prostatitis

A beneficial effect of sexual intercourse, in disease of the prostate known and traditionally, the doctor advises not to stop making love if you find disease, but in the case of its acute forms, you need to make an exception.

The fact that the physical condition of man does not allow him to have sex with acute prostatitis. At this point, the head of the patient is occupied with the continuous pain when urinating, ejaculation, and even a complete rest, he feels pain in the perineum. The temperature active inflammatory process reaches 40 degrees. He is concerned about only one thing – how to quickly remove these annoying symptoms.

Sex for prostatitis in the acute form is impossible, although it would be useful to speed up the recovery of the patient.

The basic rules

To eliminate the negative consequences of sex for prostatitis, you need to adhere to certain rules that allow to maintain health and facilitate treatment of the disease:

  • a prerequisite for the successful fight against the stagnant phenomena in the prostate regular sex. If sexual intercourse is impossible, it is not advisable to resort to masturbating at least 1-2 times per week;
  • stable erection if prostatitis occurs with their regular sexual partner. In this case, there is no psychological tension, which can lead to failure, and ejaculation is complete;
  • before sexual intercourse and immediately after it, it is recommended to perform hygienic procedures, thus avoiding the possible exacerbation of the disease. A man with lesions of the prostate should more often resort to washing, because through the urethra together with the substance of bacteria, which may accumulate on the head of the penis, and cause irritation;
  • it is not recommended to resort to the use of stimulants erection, and drugs that increase the duration of the contact, such means harm when the disease prostatitis.

How often can I have sex

The number of sexual intercourse can not be limited to some rules and depends entirely on the willingness and capacity of the partners. Be wary of frequent sex case of acute manifestations of the disease, but in chronic forms of no prohibition.

Every professional doctor is convinced that sex with a regular partner will do more good than indiscriminate contacts that can cause inflammation, especially if they communication was not protected by a latex condom, as contact with foreign microflora becomes the impetus for the escalation of the situation.

Safe sex is important for women due to the fact that the cause of inflammatory processes in the prostate men is often a bacterial infection, which in the case of unprotected contact and affects the internal organs of the female partner.


Long-term abstinence and the inability to have complete sexual intercourse does not have to give up the youthful way to relieve tension. Masturbation does not have positive effects as the sexual intercourse, the active involvement of the entire lower part of the torso, but this discharge will help to maintain the prostate in good shape.

How to treat prostatitis with sex

The detection of the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate causing the man not only physical injuries, but also severe psychological trauma. The fear of defeat in the bed makes the patient irritable, appears insomnia, periodic nervous breakdowns, defects in the digestion of food. Because of such manifestations of sexual desire will become weak or even suppressed.

In such a situation the crucial role of a woman who will support his spouse in the treatment process with maximum tact and sensitivity. You can't leave a man alone with the nausea and to allow it to become isolated in their experiences.

The dependence of the efficiency of the treatment of prostatitis and sexual activity men there is no doubt among practitioners, so sex is necessary, but this should be done without fanaticism and violence against the weakened organism. Measure during the treatment of the disease is important, and the main impact on the affected prostate is trusted by medications. Condition to effectively treat and prevent the occurrence of complications in the treatment of prostatitis is necessary to accept the following recommendations:

  • Sexual intimacy when the disease prostatitis you do not need to be limited to one to two times a month. Only the regularity guarantees the acceleration of the healing process, but daily sex is too much, this activity becomes the reason for the deterioration. The perfect norm, according to experts with medical education, it is believed that two or three of coitus per week under normal condition partners. Each contact must be protected by a condom.
  • It is recommended to enter into relationship with only one woman, due to the fact that the intersection of the micro-Flor creates a favorable situation to jump on the pathogenic bacteria and as a consequence, exacerbation of the disease. Especially dangerous to unprotected contacts.
  • With prolonged lack of sex or the inability to maintain sexual relations with a man it is not recommended to use random contacts. To get rid of the stagnant phenomena in the prostate by Masturbation, which is not a criminal act. On the contrary, the elimination of excess seminal fluid, the patient helps to activate the blood circulation in the area affected authority and at the expense of this process is the massage of the prostate, which speeds up the healing process. The number of discharges must be in combination with the usual number of times acts a week.

Dangerous occurrence – coitus interruptus. The result of this action, negative consequences will come for the men because of blood stasis in the pelvic area, which creates unfulfilled hype which leads to exacerbation of prostatitis and recurrence in chronic forms of the disease.

Regular sex as prevention of prostate

Regular sex is a great opportunity to support the functioning of the prostate gland, at the appropriate level, and this is a nice way to prevent prostatitis. Systematic closeness relieves excessive stress and possible inflammation of this important for the male body.

The positive results of regular sexual relations include the following:

  • Experienced by the patient, the disease brings a special joy and a weak word for sex, but each person needs to remember that the orgasm helps to relieve pain and normalizes mental condition, which is important in the treatment of prostatitis. In case of persistent discomfort consult a doctor and you may need to take painkillers before the intimacy.
  • With acute bacterial prostatitis are not the type of recommended treatment, but periodic sexual life effectively replaced by this procedure. Sex relieves symptoms and speeds up healing of the affected organs.
  • Therapy of inflammatory processes in the prostate depends on the elimination of stagnation, and solves the problem of active blood flow during exercise, including during sex. Regular intimacy quickly restores the weakened potency in chronic forms and prevents relapses.
  • Medical statistics provides data from surveys confirming the standard of the clinical picture of the inflammation of the prostate gland that men have making love two times a week, symptoms of prostate less than 60% of the less active patients.

The impact of sex when the prostate is large, to improve this important tool for the treatment of the causes of the disease is not reasonable. Sex requires active blood flow in the pelvic area, which allows to effectively deal with the problem and to eliminate the probability of recurrence. Abstinence is not only psychologically depressing man, but a bad influence on libido women, in the end any misunderstandings in the family, quarrels and scandals. In the case of serious disorders and impotence on the basis of the disease, you should consult a doctor to determine the frequency of the connection.