Effective treatment of prostatitis at home

An important step to restore and maintain the health of the men, remains the treatment of prostatitis in the home. treatment of prostatitis in the home This therapy will help you cope with the problem. But, do not neglect professional medical advice. First you need to consult a doctor to examine and to identify the reasons for occurrence of injuries.

How to understand that men prostatitis

There are some signs that should alert man. If they are, then it is necessary to go to the urologist. The diagnosis of prostatitis in the home is to "see" the first signs of warning.

The first signs of prostatitis

  • Discomfort in the groin and in the genital area.
  • Increased frequency of urination.
  • Sexual disorders.

When the deterioration of the condition of increased pain. There is a risk of exacerbation, which is accompanied by striking symptoms:

  • pain in the lower abdomen.
  • painful urination.
  • significant deterioration of an erection.
  • General poor health.
  • the increase of temperature of the body.
Quickly to help solve the problem of the medical method, which is effective when using proven home techniques. When the infectious nature of the disease antibiotic treatment if caused by a congestion, the main efforts are directed for their removal.
treatment of prostatitis in the home recipes

How to treat prostatitis at home

Methods of treatment of prostatitis in the home, on the basis of herbal medicine, massage, and exercises that will help them to cope with the disease and improve men's health.

Folk recipes to help men

Treatment of prostatitis in men at home, based on folk recipes, to help in the relief of pain, reduction of inflammation, to improve the process of urination, increase in overall body and increase its resistance to any diseases.

Pumpkin seeds in the treatment of prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds are used to fight disease for centuries. Their healing effect is due to the large amount of zinc. The male body needs a daily supply of zinc in the body, which allows them to preserve and to maintain health. Used dried, but not roasted pumpkin seeds. They need to peel and to eat. For the course of treatment is usually enough for a pound of seed. The course will last until the end of the "cure". Repeating the course every year, the risk of exacerbation of the chronic prostatitis is significantly reduced.

The first option

Daily you should eat 30 pumpkin seeds. Do this before eating, thorough chewing.

The second option

Purified pumpkin seeds pass through grinder and add 200 grams of honey. All carefully mix and rolled the balls the size of a walnut. Per day eat 2 balls. Drink before eating and chewing.

Recipes with sage

treatment of prostatitis in pumpkin seeds at home

Wormwood is a plant with which to cope with any infection. How to cure prostatitis wormwood Is a comprehensive course that includes the ingestion of soup and lavage of the urethra. You will need 100 grams of dry sage, which is the country in hand and sift through a sieve. Penalties are used for ingestion in a dry form, large – for soup, used to make microclysters and douching of the urethra. The result is a double effect on the body, which are clean of pathogens, leading to the termination of inflammatory processes.

Dry wormwood with or without food take a little bit inside, to drain the water. Every day in the evening do not microclysters and irrigation of the urethra with the help of decoction.

Decoction for douching and mikroklizm done as follows. One teaspoon with a slide dry herb wormwood pour a liter of boiling water. After cooling to 400C is filtered. For each procedure, you will need 50 ml of soup. The help of injection molding for the production of injection into anus and into the urethra. Injection into the urethra produce sharply that the liquid moved as much as possible. For each procedure you need to use a separate syringe.

Wormwood is a medicinal plant having a wide range of effects, so before using you should consult your doctor, be sure to take into account all the particularities of the therapy.

Treatment juices

Effective treatment is implemented using oss. In combination with therapy, these measures show good results. A well established vegetable that should be consumed daily to 600 ml. Fit the juice of carrots, beets, a mixture of cucumber and asparagus. Are taken continuously, a minimum course of 10 days.

A good remedy is the juice of the berries of the black elderberry. Take once daily in the morning on an empty stomach one tablespoon for 10 days. Before make juice, you need to drink a glass of clean water. It is a medicinal plant that has side effects and contraindications. Therefore, without any consultation with the doctor to be treated with elderberry juice is not worth it.

Bee products in the treatment of prostatitis

Effective means are candles made from honey or propolis. Keep them in the fridge. Be used by inserting in the anus.

For the production of honey candles need honey (1 teaspoon), egg (1 piece), flour (3 tablespoons). All are mixed to form a candle. Use one piece twice a day. The course of treatment will last for one month, so a month and a half of it can be repeated.

To make candles from propolis, take 50 grams of alcohol and crushed propolis, mix and insist 2 weeks without access of light, shaking the bottle daily. After insisting a lot was evaporated in a water bath until it becomes brownish-yellow color. The resulting mass is mixed with cocoa butter to form suppositories. Treatment – one thing daily for 35 days, before going to bed. For to cure prostatitis at home with this method, it is possible for 2-3 courses with an interval of 8 weeks.

Massage for prostatitis

treatment of prostatitis in the house of massage

When the disease or to prevent urologists recommend courses of prostate massage. It helps to cope with any form of chronic prostatitis. This is due to the improvement of local blood circulation and stimulation of the body.

Massage action

  • The normalization of the local blood circulation.
  • Improvement of muscle tone.
  • The provision of the outflow of secretions.
  • Improving the efficiency of medical treatment.
  • Improvement of sexual function.

Massage is performed rectally or influence through the tissue of the perineum. The first method is the most effective. Access to the prostate is through the anus, as it is only 5-6 cm from it. The procedure is simple, massage make your finger light circular motion with pressure. It is better to entrust this procedure to a specialist, because the prostate is a delicate organ and its tissue is easily damaged.

Massage of prostatitis in the home is done independently, using special devices – prostate massagers. They all have a size and shape to securely enter them into the anus and to perform the necessary actions.

An easier way massage is an external massage. It is less effective, but is no penetration. Performed from side to side, press down and make circular movements in the crotch area. It is possible to use the massagers or matching items. Good massager for external procedures is a ball for tennis. Put it on a chair, a man sitting on top, and gently rolled back and forth. The procedure is performed several times a day. Definitely need to do this, in the morning immediately after waking up. Five minutes is enough. This massage when done regularly, will relieve congestion in the pelvic organs and the prostate gland.

To massage of prostatitis in the home provided essential curative and preventive effect and does not bring harm, it is necessary to know the location of the prostate gland, perform all the movements very carefully, and be sure to take into account the contraindications.

When you can not do the massage of prostate

  • Acute prostatitis.
  • Signs of malignant lesions of the prostate.
  • The presence of cysts and stones in the prostate.

Instruments and apparatus for treatment of prostatitis

There are a number of devices for the treatment of prostatitis. They help to treat this disease at home without regular visits to a medical facility. Work devices based on different principles, but their influence is in the direction of achievement of one purpose – stimulation of the prostate, to improve blood circulation in this area and decongesting.

Kinds of devices according to the principle of

  • Vibration.
  • Stimulation of the modulated currents.
  • Magnetic.
  • Laser.
treatment of prostatitis in the home package

Each instrument has its "strong" side. With the help of microvibrations faster and more efficiently to eliminate congestion, increase muscle tone, the magnetic influence more focused on the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect. Manufactured appliances, combining several principles of work, they are very versatile. What kind of a device for treatment of prostatitis at home chosen depends on the specific situation, after a consultation with a specialist.

To get the maximum effect, the device should be used strictly in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of the doctor. The most important rule is that all proceedings should be carried out regularly in full course, which is worth to be repeated after some time.

Physical activity vs prostatitis

We are all familiar with the phrase that the movement is life. Active movement, regular physical exercises are good for prevention of prostatitis caused by stagnation. If the disease is already there, then good results in its treatment give simple exercises that it is enough to perform three times a week. They do not require special conditions and are a good addition to the complex therapy will allow faster and more efficient to cure prostatitis at home.

Squats vs prostatitis

Very effective exercise to restore the circulation of blood in the pelvic organs and the prostate, in particular, is regular squats. Ideally you want to squat 100 times, dividing the exercise in 2-3 sets with a short break. If all of a sudden it is difficult to perform the number of sit-UPS, their number should be increased gradually. Enough medicinal a load will squat three times a week. Sami squats need to be deep, his hands rising up.

A few exercises for the treatment of prostatitis

  • Lying on the stomach is lifting direct feet (20 times).
  • The "scissors" movement for rights a little raised from the floor with your legs in the seated position, hands in focus a little back (20 times).
  • Lie on your back, pull your legs to the chest as high as possible. Clasp their hands and stay in this position as much as possible, but not more than 20 minutes.
  • Place your feet together, squatting down by a third, pull knees alternately forward. Exercise is performed for 5 minutes every morning and evening.
A great exercise that improves the blood circulation in the pelvis, is a regular walk. You have to go in every occasion: just a regular walk, move around for short distances on foot, climb the stairs instead of the Elevator.
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Prevention of prostatitis in the home as necessary to prevent disease and to ensure that it is not passed in the chronic form, and not "overgrown" complications. If prostatitis is already known about the man, the choice of methods of prevention it is necessary to consider the reasons for it. Inflammatory nature of the need to provide timely treatment, the absence of precipitating factors, to raise the immunity. If the cause was the hour, and then the main efforts are directed towards overcoming them and restoring normal circulation.

The prevention of prostatitis

  • An active way of life.
  • Prompt treatment of any inflammatory disease.
  • The maintenance of normal body weight.
  • A balanced diet.
  • Regular exercise or physiotherapy.
  • A regular sex life.
  • Preventive massage.

Prevention of prostatitis in men at home is physical activity. Men with sedentary work, more likely to develop prostatitis. Excess weight exacerbates the situation, as it increases the burden of the organs, as physical activity decreases. Smoking and alcohol adversely affect the condition of the blood vessels and impair blood circulation, which affects the condition of the organs in the pelvis. The risk of diseases of the prostate increases. Prevention you need to maintain your body in good shape, to prevent the excess weight, stop Smoking and limit alcohol intake.

treatment of prostatitis in the home carrot

A balanced diet, when the diet contains enough fiber, vitamins, minerals, helps to maintain the health of the men. The diet must be vegetables and fruits, fresh juices, whole-grain bread. Useful different cereals, meat should give preference to low-fat varieties. The fish need to select fat as it contains omega-3 fatty acids – substances that prevent oxidative processes in the body. They help to support the work of the heart and to ensure normal supply of blood to all organs, including the prostate.

Regular sexual life is simply necessary for the man to maintain health and prevent prostatitis. It helps to keep the prostate active and not spread stagnation. How often should you have sex, it depends on the Constitution of the particular person and his needs, shared recipes here.