How to effectively treat prostatitis with herbs

Prostatitis is an acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate gland. The main signs of prostate inflammation are painful difficulty urinating, pain and erectile dysfunction. An obligatory component of the treatment is the herbal medicine for prostatitis, as this is the most effective method in the appearance of the disease, when you can do without taking medicines. In addition, the most effective herbs for prostatitis are in our hands.

Benefits of herbal treatment

Before taking any herbal medicine, you should consult your doctor. It is strictly forbidden to take any herbs for prostatitis, infusions, infusions, etc. Only the doctor has the right to decide the appropriateness of the intake and which herbs to drink for prostatitis in men.

The main advantage of phytotherapeutic treatment of prostatitis is the absence of chemical compounds that enter the bloodstream, are then absorbed and, in addition to the beneficial therapeutic effect, have a number of side effects. In addition, any drug is excreted by the liver and kidneys, which creates an additional burden on the whole body.

The treatment of prostatitis with herbs has its advantages:

  1. Phytotherapy not only has a beneficial effect on the prostate gland. Thanks to the ingredients of herbal medicines, an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulatory, remedial effect spreads throughout the body.
  2. Medicinal herbs have a milder, more sparing action than medicines. Of course, you have to understand that herbal treatment is not allowed in all cases.
  3. Affordable treatment, making herbs for prostatitis the most affordable treatment for men.
  4. Great opportunity for home treatment and a combination of taking herbs with pharmacological preparations.
  5. The use of herbs is an excellent prevention of the appearance, exacerbation of prostatitis.

It has been scientifically proven that the uroseptic and diuretic action of some plants is no less effective than synthetic drugs, therefore, herbal treatment of prostatitis is suitable for any severity of inflammation of the prostate gland.

herbs for prostatitis

In terms of their effectiveness, herbs are often not inferior to drugs and at the same time are not toxic.

Herbs for prostatitis

One of the main aspects of herbal medicine is the use of fresh raw materials, as self-made herbal preparations quickly lose their beneficial properties and can, on the contrary, be harmful.

What herbs for prostatitis do experienced doctors recommend? What do herbs do to treat prostatitis? The herbal remedy for prostatitis has a number of useful, irreplaceable properties:

  1. Eliminate the pain.
  2. Relieve tissue swelling.
  3. They remove the spasm.
  4. They restore the normal process of urination, preventing stagnation of urine and secondary infection.
  5. Promotes the improvement of microcirculation processes.
  6. Normalize and improve power.
herbal tea for prostatitis

It is recommended to use only freshly prepared products.

Currently, the most effective herbs for treating prostatitis are:

  1. Ivan tea - has high concentrations of vitamin C, carotenoids, flavonoids. In relation to the prostate gland, it has a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. In addition, beta-sterol, which is found in the plant, with prostatitis helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of inflammation, prevents the development of fungal and viral infections and also has a beneficial effect on strength.
  2. Ginseng is one of the leaders in maintaining and enhancing immunity. In the treatment of prostatitis at home, it has a strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative effect. Saponin, which is contained in ginseng, has a stimulating effect on the activity of the prostate gland.
  3. Hypericum - contains hypericin, which is not inferior to the action of certain antibacterial agents. Flavonoids, which are present in sufficient quantities in St. John's wort, relieve inflammation and allergic manifestations, and terpenes significantly improve microcirculation, have antiseptic, diuretic and antiviral effects. The course of treatment with St. John's wort can improve the erectile function of men. Prostate anti-inflammatory disease not only has a number of therapeutic effects, but also helps a man maintain his important and necessary functions.
  4. Yarrow - is necessary as an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic agent due to the presence of formic and salicylic acid. Herbs for BPH, such as yarrow, are the most powerful in reducing inflammation.
  5. Marsh calamus - perfectly stimulates blood circulation, relieves inflammation, has a calming effect. A very important effect of calamus is the strong effect on staphylococcal microflora. The use of calamus helps prevent stagnation of urine in the bladder and the development of infections.
  6. Parsley - rich in vitamins, has antimicrobial action, anti-allergic, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, restores their tone. Parsley is considered one of the most powerful herbal and detoxifying diuretics.
  7. Peony - has an anesthetic, sedative effect. In addition, the peony is extremely useful for increasing sexual drive and eliminating power disorders.
  8. Nettle - stimulates sexual desire and also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action.
  9. Plantain is essential in the treatment of chronic prostatitis because it has a strong regenerative property.
  10. Grushanka - shows bactericidal and diuretic effects. an excellent remedy for acute prostatitis.
  11. Burdock - a characteristic quality of such a plant is the elimination of scars, activating the production of collagen fibers. In addition to these properties, burdock will perfectly relieve inflammation and remove excess fluid from the body.
  12. Pumpkin seeds are the best herbal remedy for prostate. The balanced composition of pumpkin seeds can replace more than one drug in chronic forms of prostatitis in the early stages.

In addition to these plants, it is recommended to take chamomile, echinacea, calendula, mint, celandine and succession. Such complexes of medicinal herbs for the treatment of prostatitis and impotence are extremely necessary.

Great! In each individual case, taking any herbal medicine requires clarification and consultation with the treating physician.

It should be borne in mind that long-term herbal treatment can lead to allergic manifestations, therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the treatment schedule and doses of each individual herbal ingredient.

Effective herbal preparations

Herbal preparations have an even stronger therapeutic effect. In such teas, optimal ingredients are selected that complement each other and have the most intense effect. The urological collection for prostatitis is one of the mandatory components of the treatment.

The herbal collection for prostatitis can have different content and composition. When choosing the necessary composition, it should be guided by the symptoms of the disease, their severity and the general condition of patients. The most effective herbal remedies for prostatitis are:

  1. Combination of parsley and juniper root. Such a collection is effective in chronic inflammation of the prostate gland, relieves swelling and inflammation and also improves urine flow.
  2. Combination of ponytail and chamomile with excellent diuretic action.
  3. If there is a violation of erectile function with inflammation of the prostate gland, a combination of chamomile, reed, raspberry, tobacco and asparagus will help.
  4. If acute prostatitis is diagnosed, it is necessary to take a mixture of selandin, linden, chamomile, St. John's wort.

The treatment of prostatitis with herbs is an excellent choice, as the effective effect of herbal substances on the activity of the prostate gland has been proven and confirmed by numerous clinical studies.

herbal tea for the treatment of prostatitis

In each individual case, the dosage, methods of preparation of the infusions, frequency and duration of their reception should be discussed with the treating physician. In addition, when medications are needed, herbal remedies should be an adjunct to treatment. For any signs of exacerbation or deterioration of health, you should seek specialized medical help.

The use of various recipes for the preparation of infusions, tea, rewards obtained from sources that have not been confirmed by specialists is categorically contraindicated. The slightest violation of the dosage of at least one ingredient, the time of exposure and preparation can lead to the production of toxic substances in plants, which will further aggravate the condition of patients with inflammation of the prostate gland. Only a doctor can recommend an effective collection of herbs that you can prepare yourself at home or buy herbal medicines in pharmacies.

Using hazelnut

Among all the medicinal herbs, hazelnut, which is also called hazelnut, has a special place in the treatment of prostatitis, since the most effective and efficient recipe for eliminating the symptoms of prostate inflammation is hazelnut.

The uniqueness of the hazelnut lies in the fact that all parts of the plant can not only be drunk, but also necessary for the treatment of prostatitis.

The hazelnut fruit itself is a storehouse of zinc, which is essential for maintaining reproductive and erectile function in men. Hazelnut oil is no less useful, as it contains therapeutically essential omega acids that protect blood vessels, improve blood flow and blood supply to tissues and organs.

Hazelnut leaves are rich in flavonoids, which have antibacterial, diuretic, anti-inflammatory action. In addition, the essential oils present in all parts of the plant stimulate male potency to a remarkable degree. Currently, the most effective herbal remedy for prostatitis is the use of hazelnut.

According to confirmed medical data, hazelnut with prostatitis has the following effects:

  1. Eliminates tissue swelling.
  2. Reduces the severity of inflammation.
  3. It is a powerful herbal antiseptic.
  4. Prevents the development of infection due to stagnation of urine.
  5. Increases overall body tone and immunity.
  6. Eliminates vitamin deficiency.
  7. Helps improve blood circulation.
  8. Normalizes body temperature.
  9. Strengthens the muscles of the prostate
  10. Improves the process of prostate tissue repair.

The best treatment option for acute and chronic prostatitis is the combination of hazelnut and drugs to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, prevent complications and prevent the development of persistent chronicity of the pathological process.

hazelnut for the treatment of prostatitis


Any urologist or andrologist who deals with prostate problems will say that treating prostatitis with herbs in combination with medication is the best treatment. The main recommendation in this case will be the strict observance of all scheduled appointments, instructions.

Any doctor will say that the use of tinctures with the use of vodka is categorically contraindicated due to the questionable quality of ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic beverage. When preparing any infusion, only ethyl alcohol should be used without the addition of third party substances.

If you have to collect the plants yourself, you have to follow the collection schedule, the rules for harvesting and storage. Like any medicine, phytotherapeutic agents, if used incorrectly, can cause harm in addition to benefits.

Proper use of the herbal medicine for the prostate according to all the recommendations of the treating doctor will get rid of prostatitis more effectively and will prevent the development of complications.