Device for the treatment of prostatitis: application and contraindications

Prostatitis is a swelling of the tissues of the external tubular alveolar gland. The pathology occurs only in men, as this gland is inherent only in the male body.

When the prostate becomes infected, it puts pressure on the urethra and the male body fails to urinate, which is the main sign of prostatitis. The treatment of this pathology can be carried out only after an accurate diagnosis of the type and form of the disease, as the methods of treatment are different.

Devices and devices for the treatment of prostatitis

Urologists recommend devices for treating prostatitis in a nursing home or for personal use. Due to the overall effect on the disease area, the effectiveness of the treatment is significantly increased.

There are several types of special devices for the treatment of this pathology:

  1. Electrical devicesacting on inflammatory tissues with electrical impulse. The main effect is on the walls of blood vessels, improving blood circulation, metabolism in tissues and regeneration of prostate cells.
  2. Vibrating acoustic devices, which are based on the effect of vibrations on the external tubular-alveolar gland, relaxing the muscles of the gland.
  3. Magnetotherapyalso used in physiotherapy. Today, such a treatment is widespread. Reduces swelling, relieves pain and improves blood circulation.
  4. Laser treatmentIt is based on the infrared action of a laser with soft rays on inflamed external tissues, performed exclusively by specialists.

Devices for the treatment of this pathology provide a positive effect on various types and forms of the disease, as well as in the prevention of relapses. Experts assure that treatment with such devices will help the patient to quickly achieve the desired recovery.

Modern medicine is developing rapidly. Devices for the treatment of prostatitis now have a rapid healing effect, which is achieved in a short time.

One of these results is the ability, with the help of devices, to eliminate a benign formation that has affected the gland, which is in an acute form of inflammation. This has a qualitative preventive effect on the recurrence of the pathology.

Also, devices for the treatment of prostatitis give the opportunity to weaken or eliminate the signs of the disease that appear during the chronic period of its passage. In addition, many devices and devices give visible results after the first procedure.

Indications and contraindications for use

Material procedures are recommended only in the area of the urogenital zygomatic muscle located between the genital organ and the anus.

The indications for the use of devices for the treatment of prostatitis are the following factors:

  • Chronic form of the disease.
  • Infectious granulomatous form of the disease.
  • Adhesions and contractions of the tissues of the external tubular-alveolar gland.
  • Disorders associated with disorders of the nervous system.
  • Difficulty in venous outflow with normalized arterial blood flow in the small pelvis.
  • Decreased sexual drive.
  • Failures in the process of removing urine from the urethra.
  • Sexual dysfunction (impotence).

Special therapeutic devices used to treat this disease should not be used incessantly. Their influence cannot be left without result. Inflammatory tissue will always be affected and, under certain conditions, the result may be negative.

Contraindications to the use of devices are the following factors:

  • The advanced stage of hemorrhoids.
  • Enlargement of the colon.
  • Purulent inflammation of the pelvic tissue.
  • Pathological formations.
  • Prolapse of the rectum.
  • Blood clotting disorders.
  • Anal damage.
  • Acute pathologies of the organ complex of the urinary system.
  • Solid deposits in the pores of the gland.

Intolerance to physiotherapy-based therapies, which is based on rectal injection into the body, is also a contraindication. In this case, treatment is prescribed using external mechanisms. It is not so popular due to the fact that the effect of their use is less than that of invasive devices.

The most popular devices

There are two types of devices for treating prostatitis:

  • The physiotherapy devices of the rectum are designed in such a way that it is possible to massage the tissues through the anus.
  • Minimally invasive devices are designed for outdoor exposure.

There are just a huge number of devices and gadgets. They differ in the type of design and the type of impact.

Among the most common models, the following can be distinguished:

Combined device

The device affects inflammatory tissues through electrical pulses, magnetic fields and low frequency vibrations. Quite compact. Due to the peculiarity of the combination of three exposure combinations, it allows the treatment of the pathology in different stages and in different forms.

Device - massage

An innovation has been made in the treatment of prostate diseases. It is characterized by ease of use, is connected to a computer and has many electrodes of different voltages. Generates laser beams and magnetic field.

Under the combined effect, the density of the blood decreases, the tissues are saturated with oxygen, the muscles of the small pelvis are activated.

Vibrating device

Quite a compact device consisting of a control panel, fixture and connection cable. It acts directly, is inserted through the anus. It has three types of effects on inflammatory tissues: magnetic, heating, vibrating massage. Eliminates pain symptoms, relieves inflammation. Combined treatment with the device in combination with drugs is recommended.

Biopolar radio frequency device

the doctor adjusts the device to treat prostatitis

It is also recommended by experts. It works safely with thermal electrodes. The procedure does not require anesthesia, treatment with such a device at home is impossible. The device is designed so that there is no need to monitor the temperature of the rectum.

Physiotherapy device

The device is designed to relieve tissue swelling on your own and at home. It is based on the vibratory effect, it has different modes of operation, depending on the emitted frequencies. Restores blood circulation.

Many men over 35 are prone to prostatitis. At the first symptoms of the disease, you should consult a doctor. This pathology can be eliminated quite quickly, thanks to drug therapy, as well as treatment with physiotherapy devices. In modern medicine, there are many different devices that take into account all types, forms of the disease and the individual characteristics of the body.