The most effective folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

drink for the treatment of prostatitis

Only men have a prostate gland, located in a small pelvis below the bladder.

Prostate inflammation is a fairly common disease that many middle-aged and older men face.

The causes of prostatitis can be infectious and non-infectious. The second reason - congestion in the small pelvis, is more common.

Prostatitis is a very insidious disease that can lead to various negative consequences. Therefore, its treatment is imperative. This can be done using traditional methods using medicines.

But no less effective is the treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies.

Causes of prostatitis

The reasons may vary:

  • sedentary work;
  • tobacco and alcohol abuse · weakness;
  • tight underwear; regular interruption of contact;
  • long sexual abstinence;
  • chronic stress; physical overload;
  • reduced immunity;
  • frequent constipation hypothermia
  • malnutrition;
  • allergy; wound;
  • prolonged urinary retention.

Treatment of prostatitis with propolis

How to prepare propolis tincture at home?

There is already a ready-made propolis tincture, but it can be prepared at home and in terms of degree of effectiveness, it will not be inferior to the corresponding pharmacies. To prepare an alcohol tincture of propolis, you need medical alcohol and propolis itself.

  • Grind 100 grams of propolis.
  • Pour 95% medical alcohol, 200 grams.
  • Place in a glass container and mix well.
  • Insist 2 weeks in the dark and cool.
  • Shake the tincture every three days.
  • Strain and squeeze the mixture.
  • Dilute with water in the following ratio: 1 gram of tincture per 4 kg of weight.

It is necessary to take propolis tincture 3 hours before bedtime, 1 tablespoon each, the course of treatment is six months.

The wax that remains after the preparation of the tincture can be used for candles, it is also quite effective in the fight against this disease. To illustrate the process of making propolis tincture - watch this video:

Suppositories with propolis from prostatitis - prescription

Propolis suppositories with prostatitis are quite simple to make, you only need to add animal fat:

  • Add medical alcohol to the remaining wax from the tincture, 1: 1.
  • The mixture is evaporated in a water bath until a thick dark mass is formed.
  • Mix the mixture and the melted animal fat in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • Cool the thick mass a little and make candles. They are injected into the anus at night.

The treatment with wax with propolis is carried out in parallel with the course of use of the tincture. After their combined use, urine and secretion analyzes are significantly improved, pain sensations are reduced. You can also treat prostatitis with pure propolis - take 5 grams 3 times a day. You just have to chew it very well. The course of treatment usually lasts two to three months, then the course is repeated.

An effective recipe for homeopathy for prostatitis with thuja

  • Grind three tablespoons of thuja needles and pour 200 ml. Alcohol 70 degrees (with vodka, the yield is lower! ) Moon moonlight, which has power like alcohol.
  • Boil for two weeks in a dark place, shaking occasionally.
  • Strain and drink 30 drops in a glass of water twice a day, 30 minutes after a meal.

The duration of treatment is from 7 to 10 days. After a 7-day break, the course can be resumed (if necessary). The same tincture is used to treat lupus erythematosus: lubricate the affected areas two to three times a day until complete recovery.

Thuja volatile herbicides are capable of killing the causative agents of many viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. In addition, this plant is able to fight inflammation of various organs, promotes wound healing, soothes pain and resists the appearance of malignancies.

Terevinthine baths for prostatitis

When you take turpentine baths, the effect of the basic medicines is enhanced by improving the delivery directly to the affected area. In chronic prostatitis, the inflammation is relieved quickly and due to the improvement of the microcirculation, the function of the prostate is normalized. The manifestations of chronic prostatitis and its complications are leveled with 10-12 procedures. The good effectiveness of baths has been proven for infertility in men and for impotence. Restoration of capillary patency helps to fill the blood of the cavernous bodies of the penis, to restore the erection.

Treatment of prostatitis with petroleum oil

stone oil for the treatment of prostatitis

This medicine can be used as a precaution and for health reasons at any stage of the disease. Petroleum oil cures both acute and chronic prostatitis. It is very often used to treat male infertility, cancer and other dangerous diseases.

The oil is diluted in hot boiling water, at a rate of 0. 5 teaspoon per 3 liters. Treatment should be started small, gradually increasing the dose. The first doses should be one dose equal to half a teaspoon once a day. Consumption of the prepared liquid is recommended after meals. The patient should carefully monitor the effect of the drug on the body and the possible occurrence of allergies. In case of good oil tolerance, the dosage should be increased to 3 tablespoons within a week. large. The download should be continued for 1 month. Then take a break of 14 days and repeat the course again.

Just one month after consuming petroleum jelly, the condition of the prostate improves, the inflammatory process subsides and the tissues are restored. The painful sensations disappear, urination becomes constant. Improvements are also observed on the part of the reproductive system.

Prostate massage

An invasive massage is a device that massages the prostate gland when it is inserted directly into the rectum. The most popular representatives of this category for the treatment of prostatitis are special devices. Their effect on the gland has three effects:

  • Thermal effect. Thanks to this, the blood circulation in the affected organ is improved, all the current processes are accelerated, which provides an increase in the effect of the antibiotic treatment and increases the body's ability to fight the pathological microorganisms.
  • Vibration effect. Under the influence of this phenomenon, stimulation and restoration of the normal tone of the muscular elements of the prostate and pelvic floor occurs, which contributes to the evacuation of stagnant secretions that accumulate during prostatitis.
  • Exposure to magnetic field. Under its influence, the inflammation in the gland is reduced, its size is reduced due to the reduction of edema, which helps to eliminate pain when urinating and accelerates the regeneration of the gland.

All these results make massage necessary for the treatment of the following diseases:

  1. Erectile dysfunction.
  2. Chronic prostatitis.
  3. Urethroprostatitis.
  4. Prostate adenomas.
  5. Prostate cystitis.

Like all other treatments, it has its limitations:

  • Acute prostatitis.
  • Malignant neoplasms of the prostate gland and rectum.
  • Chronic prostatitis in the acute phase.
  • Acute inflammatory diseases of the rectum.
  • Tuberculous lesion of the prostate gland or suspected of it.
  • Stones in the prostate.

Alternative treatment of prostatitis with pumpkin seeds and honey

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Add 200 grams of honey. From the resulting mass, make hazelnut-sized balls. Store in the refrigerator, but bring to room temperature before use. Take 1 piece half an hour before meals once or twice a day. The ball should be chewed and absorbed for a few minutes. This drug gives a fairly strong therapeutic effect and usually one course is enough per year.